Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Graphically Correct

Between acquiring agents, speaking at conferences, a bestseller, getting featured on Tomie dePaola’s website, and receiving a tangential shout-out in a Newbery acceptance speech, the Disco Mermaids have had way too much fun the past two-and-a-half years.

And yet, somehow, things keep getting cooler. Thanks to Melanie Hope Greenberg, you can now find our images immortalized within the pages of a picture book.

Say it with us now: Woo-hoo!!!

Mermaids on Parade tells the story of one girl’s experience at Coney Island’s annual Mermaid Parade. And who’s that riding atop float #46? It’s us!

The illustration below is from the back jacket flap, accompanying Melanie’s author/illustrator bio. To see us proudly strut our stuff atop float #46, surrounded by more mermaids than have ever legally been allowed in a two-page spread, you’re just gonna have to buy the book for yourself. (And you will not be disappointed. This very fun picture book even includes instructions on how to make your own mermaid tail!)

To fully appreciate Melanie’s attention to detail, click here.

Three mer-kisses
to Melanie Hope Greenberg!!!


melanie hope greenberg said...

Hey Disco Mermaids,

Thanks so very much for the generous shout out!!
What a glorious way to wake up (it's 6am in NYC).

The actual Mermaid Parade is this weekend to celebrate the Summer Solstice, so get your mermaid tails to Coney Island (if in the area) and cheer on my troupe, the Superfine Dinettes as the Hip Hop Hulas (we change our dance routine/motif every year).
Our "Tail Factory" is tomorrow night under a Full Moon. Have most of my costume ready except that elusive tail.

Just to let you know I've been meeting lots of mermaid lovers, we have a huge fan base.

Thanks again, I will most certainly include this post as a link to send to my email list database. If anyone wants to be included they can contact me through my website www.melaniehopegreenberg.com.
Who knows... you might wind up in my next book.

Much love and light, Melanie aka Mermel aka Salty Madonna.

Katie said...

I must say...It's one thing to be featured in the book, but quite another to be on the BACK JACKET FLAP!!!! Good night are y'all famous!!!!!

I can't wait to read this fishy tale!

Katie said...

p.s. you need to add that cute little illustration over there on the side of your blog :-)

gail said...

How Cool!!!!

melanie hope greenberg said...

Jay is so humble he did not add that all three Disco Mermaids' real names are listed on the dedication page; so I'll say it for him , not that shy. :0)

The Discos Mermaids are forevermore a part of the East River Mermaids' clan from NYC.

Whoo hooo!

Disco Mermaids said...

This is so exciting!

I love how she got all the details so right...all the way down to Jay's goatee and my ridiculously tanned skin!

(It's not fake-bake, I swear. I just get naturally dark really easily.)

Thanks, MHG! Hope we can return the favor some day.

(Pink-Haired, Brown-Skinned Disco Mermaid #3)