Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Mellom Feast -- Robin

This Thanksgiving I put my vegan ways behind me for a day and chowed down on some turkey. I know…shame, shame. And the turkeys thought they’d be safe from me this year. Nope! They get as nervous around me as they do just before a Sarah Palin interview.

Mom and I cooked up dinner for ten and all I kept thinking was, “Please, please let there be enough chairs.” To accommodate, my mom sat in my faux leather computer chair (I even let her adjust the height).

While we cooked, my son took on the job of decorating the table with anything he could find in the driveway. Turned out kinda cute!

Then I helped my son scoop up some of that previously nervous turkey. But by this point the turkey was very calm. (Oh, and dead.)

In the kitchen with Mom. Love her!

And here’s our annual Thanksgiving family portrait and, as usual, it’s without my husband since he’s always on the other side of the camera.

Mom, Dad, Luke, Uncle Buddy, and his partner Martin

Hope you all had a turkey-filled thanksgiving. I’m now back to a life of lentils and tofu. Can’t wait till next year!

Wait…isn’t Christmas supposed to be a time to celebrate the wonders of ham!?

- Robin


Suzanne Young said...

First off, you're all adorable! Poor hubby, he needs a camera with a timer!

And Luke did an awesome job with the table!!!

Ham. Mmm....

Katie said...

aaawww.... I loved seeing the Mellom family feast! Your momma is precious and smiley, like you!

Natalie said...

Thanks for sharing, Robin. I love your hair, btw! :-)

Wendie O said...

No, no. Christmas is the time for Roast Beast! We prefer a lovely rib roast from Cosco, (best meat in the country) surrounded by mashed potatoes, yorkshire pudding, gravy, succotash, string beans (for us non-succotash lovers), boiled onions, and several kinds of pie served about 2 hours later when we just might have a smidgen of room for it. yum.
-wendie Old

(great photographer. great family! I wish we had a photographer in our family -- we have no record of our feasts.)

Tyler said...

I'm just amazed you had all that stuff on the table in your driveway! And I agree with Suzanne, your son did a great job with it.

Thanks for sharing, Robin, beautiful family!

Oh, and happy official holiday season!

Shelli said...

Cute family.Thanks for sharing!

cynjay said...

I second the liking of the hair!

Alex White said...

VEGAN?!?!?! what a crock! are you vegan west of the mississippi and carnivore east? correct me if i'm wrong but didn't i just eat like 500 wings with you a couple of months back? move back east before your son gets malnutrition from lack of protein :-) ... miss you! oh, and btw, you look great!!!! see ya!

Disco Mermaids said...

Hey Alex! Ain't much tofu in Roswell, Georgia!!! But you've probably never noticed. Hahaha!

Miss ya!