Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloweird -- Jay

’Twas the day before Halloween,
and all through the library…

Okay, I can’t think of a decent rhyme for library, so I’ll save you the eye-roll and just get to the point. Last Thursday was my final day working at the public library, and my co-workers put together a delicious potluck for my going-away party. So while the day felt bittersweet, it tasted like frosting and quiche.

I bequeathed a couple of my toys which had been put to great use over the past five years. I gave my pigapult (it’s like a catapult, but flings tiny plastic piggies) to Marci, my boss. But to keep the peace in my absence, I gave the piggies to Diana. I gave Mr. Peabody, who can shoot a stream of "water" up to ten feet, to JoAnn (for the past few years, her desk was well within Mr. Peabody's reach).

I received a few parting gifts, as well…including a pair of shiny red boxers. (Don't ask.) And when Halloween rolled around the next day, those boxers made a great addition to my costume. Thanks, Barry!

That night, my wife and I had a Halloween get-together at our house. While I was organizing the photos for this post, I realized that most of you have never seen a picture of my brother. So here’s Nate (do you notice the resemblance?), along with his girlfriend, Sarah (Moaning Myrtle!).

I had no idea what my wife was dressing up as. So when she came downstairs dressed as Hannah Baker (from Thirteen Reasons Why), I freaked out. Freaked! Out!!! How often do authors get to hang out with their characters?

Overall, we didn’t have as many trick-or-treaters this year, but we did have more teenagers. At one point, a group of three girls were at the door. My wife and I were letting them pick their favorites from the candy bowl. As they turned to leave, and we began shutting the door, one girl whispered something to her friend.

TEEN: She looked just like that girl from that book.
ME: Wait, what was that?
TEEN (turning back around): What was what?
ME: You said something about a book.
TEEN: She’s dressed like someone in a book I'm reading.
ME: Really? Really??? What book?
TEEN: Thirteen Rea—
ME: She is! That’s who she is! She’s Hannah Baker!
TEEN (to my wife): You read that book?
ME: I wrote that book!!!
TEEN (looking my costume up and down): You? You did?

- Jay


Katie said...

Okay. So you were dressed up as that, freakish fairy when you told those kids you wrote the book?! cute! I am cracking up!

Loved the description of your fun gifts to your co-workers. No doubt they are REALLY gonna miss you :)

And your wife DOES look like Hannah! But I already thought everyone knew that! That is too cool.

Katie said...

P.S. Meg is sitting here with me and she keeps wanting to giggle at "Mr. Jay's" goofball weird costume.

We are laying here in bed giggling like little girlies looking at you!! How did your friends keep a straight face around you. Especially with that glamorous headdress?


Oh Lordy be!

Anonymous said...

Wait, I want to hear the rest of the conversation with the trick-or-treater. Did she believe you? BTW, your wife looks awesome! Lamy

Kim said...

Your wife's costume is awesome. How cool that she was recognized. I wonder if the kids believed that you wrote the book. What a fantastically weird conversation!

Disco Mermaids said...

OMG! JM looks amazing! Freaky...but AMAZING!!! You didn't tell me the part about the trick-or-treaters recognizing her. That's even MORE freaky!!!

Oh, and that Mr. Peabody toy was gross. I'm glad you gave it up.


Disco Mermaids said...

The girl who recognized Hannah believed me fairly quickly...especially after I ran upstairs to retrieve bookmarks for her and her friends! I guess it'd be kind of weird (even for Halloween standards) to claim you wrote a book you didn't.

And I'm glad my freakish fairy amused your daughter, Katie!

- Jay

Lisa Yee said...

I dare you to wear your Halloween costume next week when you go grocery shopping.

Congratulations on entering full-time authordom!!!

Erik said...

LOL...that cracked me up Jay. I think you may have scarred those girls though. To find out that their new favorite book came from the demented freaky fairy.

I imagine they may have STOPPED reading the book after that traumatic experience.

Beth Kephart said...

I, too, am eager for the closing words between the disbelieving teen and your masked-to-the-world self. It's such a fabulous exchange.

I hope that your flying pigs don't miss you too much. I'm sure your library coworkers will.

cynjay said...

I read the entire post saying "no way" louder and louder until I got to the end. Way.

Wild About Words said...

Congrats, Jay!

May the road ahead be full of fun surprises.

Loved your wife's costume. I'm sure that will be a Halloween to remember, except maybe you'll want to forget about your costume. I'm just saying . . .

Best of luck!

The Bill Cochran said...

Incredible story about the trick or treaters.
Alas -I had no dead dogs come to my door.

Congrats on all your success...

Lana said...

I just finished your book. I loved it! How cool that the trick-or-treaters recognized your wife as Hannah...I'm sure they'll never forget that! Please keep writing--our kids need great things to read!

Jill Corcoran said...

That is one of the best 'it is so cool to be a writer' stories i have ever heard.
Oh, and your wife is a treasure!

Absydoodles said...

that book wz rly good btw-i couldnt put it down!ahahahaa ur wife is so cute dressing up as hannah!