Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight at Midnight? Not for Me! -- Jay

It takes me forever to finish reading a book. My word-speed isn’t necessarily slow, I just have a short attention span. Rarely do I flip through more than one chapter per sitting. And then, who knows when I’ll pick it back up again!

For my birthday last September, Robin gave me a copy of Twilight. My goal was to finish the book before the movie came out. As you know, most theaters scheduled midnight showings for its release…which happens to coincide with this blog post going up. And I did it! I finished the book early! (Thirteen hours early, if you wanna know.)

So I called Robin and said, “I did it! We can see the movie tonight!”

And Robin said, “I’m not going to a midnight show.”

“What? That’s the whole reason I read it so fast.”

“Jay, I gave you that book in September.”

So Robin, Eve, and I will more than likely attend the 1:20pm show. (That, I wanna tell you, is thirteen hours later than a true Twilighter should be seeing it.) And I can’t wait! I completely understand why the book became the phenomenon it did, even if Edward doesn’t make me swoon.

If anyone’s looking to buy me a Christmas gift, mark me down for a copy of the Twilight sequel, New Moon. But does anyone know when that movie’s supposed to come out? Because my goal is to finish the book first…with hours to spare.

- Jay

P.S. Robin, I’m not really that mad that we missed the midnight show. But…ahem…I won’t be upset if you offer to buy the popcorn.


Katie said...

I haven't been this excited since the first Harry Potter. We have a large crew hitting the 7:20 show here in the mighty Misssissippi. And I am taking Kate and her friend, which should be interesting.

Woo Hoo! I hope they made a good movie!

P.S. When I first read the title of this post, I thought you meant that you DISliked the book so much that you wouldn't DREAM of seeing it at midnight! Phew! Glad I was wrong.

Disco Mermaids said...

You can have a Skittle, Jay. Don't take the red ones.

And it's not that I *swoon* over Edward, I just find him to be loyal and protective and romantic and loyal and protective and...

Fine. I swoon.


Kelly Fineman said...

M (nearly 14) and I went at midnight. She is hardcore - at least 5 readings of the entire series. I blogged about it in the wee hours when we got home. (I've not yet read the books.)

jenpla182 said...

thats slightly depressing... i loved 13 reasons why because altho there was fluff in the book, it wasnt the only thing. twilight is a total romance, silly, girly thing.
im not trying to be outright offensive to anyone, and i've read the first two so i'm saying this out of expierence with the books.
and as bad as i think the book may be, at least it has teens reading.

Disco Mermaids said...

Jay can't respond to the blog because he's on his way to Sacramento to speak this weekend.
But the funny thing with Jay and "fluff" is that even though his own book was very deep and real, when he started writing many years ago, his first book was a picture book about the Easter Bunny. Talk about fluff! Haha.

And the three of us went to see the movie this afternoon. We'll blog about it more later, but I do have to say...the casting agent did a FINE job of casting Edward. Very, very...fine. :-)


Suzanne Young said...

Oh, Robin, you are so right!*Faints again.

Lisa Schroeder said...

Oooh, can't wait to hear what ya'll have to say about the movie. I haven't seen it yet. But I'm very thankful that this movie shows that girls and women CAN and DO buy movie tickets and can make a movie successful!

Anonymous said...

Yes Robert did a fine, fine job as Edward. As for New Moon Robert said the script is done, and Kristen said in an inteview that they start filming in March. So if all goes well we could be seeing New Moon next year around the same time. Though IMDb has it listed 2010.

Graeme Stone said...

I've waited a pointed and discretely strategic length of time to post a non-popular point of view down here at comment #9 where hopefully it can slip away unnoticed, but so that I can still claim to have participated in the discussion.
I have to say I'm with Jay on this one. Except I haven't even seen the movie and probably won't go. I read half of the first book and then just put it down. If I had to read one more description of lovelorn stares I was going to scream. And believe me, I had lovelorn stares, but get on with it. As for the un-acted-upon passion, I just don't buy it in kids that old with that much access to each other. I think it's Mormon repression. And what I remember is Myers' descriptions of the natural world which she captures beautifully, but that's not really a strength when I'm supposed to be swept up on the hot vampire-on-human akshon! It just didn't do it for me.