Friday, December 12, 2008

Bloggers, Listen Up! -- Jay

This past week, two posts from my past (PFMPs) were brought back to life. And while both situations were good, let this serve as a reminder that blog posts are forever. (Or at least until you delete them. But even then…)

PFMP #1: Razorbill asked if I would give an author blurb for the paperback version of Robin Benway’s Audrey, Wait! As you may remember, I love that book. In fact, all three Mermaids love that book. And last August, we wanted the world to know it! But we didn’t want to break our no-book-review status, so we decided to each give Audrey a few blurbs. (Y’know, pretending like we’d actually been asked.)

But Razorbill didn’t want me to write a new blurb, they wanted to use one of the blurbs I’d already written. Now, writing blurbs is very hard. You’re trying to convince someone, with as few words as possible, that they should spend some quality time reading this thing. You’re also trying to make the author feel really good because you, as another author, appreciate what they accomplished. Diff-i-cult!

Thankfully, that PFMP saved me several hours this week.

PFMP #2: Thirteen Reasons Why made this week’s Publisher’s Weekly bestsellers list. Aside from just listing the top fifteen bestsellers, PW also picks a few of the books to highlight with a little extra wordage and a photo. This time, they chose The Maze of Bones (in The 39 Clues series), The Book Thief, and Thirteen Reasons Why. In their report on my book, they included a line from my two-year-and-two-month old post where I described speaking on the phone with the three editors interested in my novel. “I came away with the impression that children’s book editors are some of the coolest people in the world.”

The coolest? In the world? Yes, I still believe that. But if I knew PW was only going to use that one sentence, I probably would’ve spent a little more time crafting it. I mean, is that the best I could come up with? The coolest people in the world??? It sounds like when I was eight and used to say, “Pizza is my most favoritest thing on the entire planet!”

Well, I guess I’ll forgive myself. It was only the most awesome day. Of. My. LIFE!!!

- Jay

From Publisher's Weekly:
On the blog he shares with two other writers, Jay Asher posted a blow-by-blow account of the auction for his first novel, Thirteen Reasons Why. He said he found the process nervewracking but exhilerating. Three houses were in the running, and he spoke with all three interested editors by phone. "I came away with the impression that children's book editors are some of the coolest people in the world," he said. Razorbill won the auction, and Thirteen Reasons Why came out in October 2007. The book--which covers the issue of teen bullying and suicide--is still selling very strongly; 200,000 copies are now in print. Asher is at work on his second novel, also for Razorbill.


Lee Wind said...

Good to know.
And, um, a good "problem" to have!

Go, Jay!!!

Wild About Words said...

200,000 copies in print? Woot! Woot! Way to go, Jay.

Shelli said...

That's funny! What's "cool" is that you were authentic - its why we love your book.

Lisa Schroeder said...

I like the fact that you sound like a person I could sit down and have pizza and beer with in that article.

Congrats on the success of your book, Jay. I'm so happy for you!!

Disco Mermaids said...

I've never been a beer fan, so I'll just have pizza and a Coke!

- Jay

Disco Mermaids said...

Can I have Jay's beer, Lisa?


Lisa Schroeder said...

You can have anything you want, Robin. Jay's buying, right?

Zuleme said...

Hi Jay,

I just wanted to tell you I picked up your book at the library and think it is the best thing on teen suicide I have ever read. I am 57 now but when I was young three kids I knew killed themselves and one was a friend. I knew the other two but not as well. I think your book really captures the way teenagers feel and how they don't know how to communicate what they are going through, even to themselves. My friend was very plain and I believe she killed herself over a young man that was not interested in her. The two boys who killed themselves were also awkward outsiders.
Yikes, brings back those difficult years. Good job. I hope it will help some teens in Hannah's situation.