Thursday, April 19, 2007

Penguin Pride! -- Jay

I lost a bet. And when you're a Disco Mermaid, losing a bet means total public humiliation. I admit, sometimes I go on and on about how wonderful it is to be a Penguin author. So Robin and Eve assumed that making me dress as a penguin for an entire day would wipe the P-word from my mouth.

Let's see...

First, I gassed up for work.

Once there, I helped a kid check out a book on, that's right...penguins!

For lunch, I grabbed some frozen yogurt.

I did a little window shopping...

...which gave me the urge to hit the treadmill.

After work, I splurged on a fancy new 'do.

I relaxed with a round of golf.

And by the end of the night, Eve and Robin's plan had totally backfired. Cuz not only is it still great to be a Penguin author...but I learned it's also great to actually be a penguin!

- Jay


Disco Mermaids said...

Cutest post ever, Jay! Although, we never actually wanted you to stop talking about how great it is to be a Penguin author...we just wanted to see if you'd actually dress as a penguin for the day. Yes, the DM's take dares and bets VERY seriously.

I especially like the golfing pic...not because it was in my backyard and I was teaching you how to swing, but because you're aiming away from the green...priceless!

Congrats on being a proud penguin!

Paige Keiser said...

ROTFL!!! That's hilarious! I bet a lot of people went home that day with a funny story to tell - especially the people at the gym lol!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :-D

Natalie said...

It's probably for the best your book didn't get picked up by Tricycle Press, then? That'd make for a tough commute to work, wouldn't it? ;-)

Rita said...

What is this?? Is it love??

I'm obsessed with penguins and have recruited friends to dress up with me in the past!* But now Jay is doing it alone?? All around town??


Being a Penguin author is the coolest reason to dress up ever.


(*I own that Frans Lanting book, for example. Here is a photo of our March of the Penguins Halloween. And, you don't have to read the long post, but there are also many penguin pictures here.)

Seeing them in the wild is good. Seeing Jay in this post is hilarious!

Sarah Beth Durst said...

LOL!!! Way to be proud of your Penguin plumage, Jay! As your Razorbill sister, I share your avian enthusiasm. When INTO THE WILD became a Penguin book, this became my personal theme song:

Click here and prepare to shake your tail feathers!

Now where do I get my penguin suit?

Another proud penguin,

Debby Garfinkle said...

You should have posted a warning first. The picture of the penguin ogling the mannequin in the bikini: very disturbing.

I think I liked you better in your blond wig and sparkly mermaid costume.

Don't tell anyone at Penguin though! I have two books coming out with them next month. I'm proud to be a Penguin too!

Next, I think you should sleep on an ice block.

Rhonda Stapleton said...

ROFL - this is a GREAT post...I'm cracking up at your antics. You crazy penguin, you...

Rhonda Stapleton

Anonymous said...

Remind me to never make bets with you guys. . . you play rough!

-- C. Fuenfhausen

PS: You know, I dont see all that many Knopf authors dressing up as Borzois (sp?). . . so take that, Random House! Ha! [And they don't make cute animated movies about your steenkeeng dog logo either. Double Ha!] Viva La Flightless Tuxbird!

Steph said...

HA! You know- this could be a story idea..picture book definitely!

Jen Robinson said...

I so rarely actually laugh out loud when reading blog posts, Jay. But this one is hilarious! I especially liked you window-shopping - what contrast! Thanks for submitting it to the carnival. It will make a find addition.

Disco Mermaids said...

For me, the fun part was watching people avert their eyes when I looked at them. They didn't smile...just turned away.

As if I didn't know I was wearing a penguin costume.

- Jay

P.S. I highly recommend Penguin-dressing to everyone!

cynjay said...

So...what kind of bet would you have to lose to dress up like the Baby New Year all day? I'd pay money to see that.

Christine said...

Yep, you're Mr. Unpredictable. :>)

Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!

Disco Mermaids said...

Baby New Year! HA! I could probably arrange that for you Cynthia...


P.S. Or maybe Baby Fishmouth! (That's for you, Evie.)

s.sandmore said...

Baby Fishmouth! Baby Fishmouth!

Laini Taylor said...

Oh so funny! I love those pictures! Especially the treadmill one and the window shopping one. You zany kook! I hope the Penguin offices will forward that link around; they have to love the pride!

Anonymous said...

Just like "baby fishmouth" is sweeping the nation, so will "Jay penguin-butt"!!!!!!!! Was the outfit a rental, or will you dress up in it when I visit in May? Lamy

Don Tate II said...

I think you should star in your own picture book.

Maestrokneer said...

I'm not sure how I feel about seeing the man who married me dressed as a penguin leering at a mannequin in its underwear.

a. fortis said...

HA! So cute! I'd never shut up about it if I were a Penguin author, either. That rocks.

Kim said...

I'm late to the party as usual. OMG! This is fantastic. I'm sure Penguin loves you as much as you love them!