Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Analogy-Girl's Random Blog -Eve

When I have writer’s block, Blogging is like a laxative…it loosens me up and gets the juices flowing.

If I were a superhero, I’d be Analogy-Girl. My super power would be that I could rattle off an analogy for anything. This power wouldn't save the planet or fight crime or anything, but it sure would come in handy when I enter the World Series of, um, Analogy-Making. Is that a reality game show yet? Well, it should be.

True story…I was once asked in an interview (clearly a test of how well I could think on my toes) to explain how a Turkish carpet salesman was similar to lime Jello. Believe it or not, I spun around a few times, grew a golden A on my chest, sprouted a flowing cape, tights and a boostier, and became Analogy-Girl…armed with a kick-ass answer!

Since this is my one and only talent in the world, I thought, what better place to showcase it than on our Blog site. God bless the internet!! Let’s test my skills, shall we? Okay, I have no witnesses, so you’ll just have to trust me. I’m taking random words out of a book right now, writing them down, and I will use them to create several analogies. Here they are:

book, snowflake, people, flower, run, write, car (let’s call it a Porsche, just to make it interesting), puppy, adolescence

Here we go. Drum roll, please…

Writing a book is like running long distance…the process is fun and finishing is extremely rewarding, but if you do it for too long, you just end up exhausted with stiff joints and pain in your back and butt.

People are like snowflakes, floating randomly through life. Some latch onto others, some become nothing at all, and some are destined to be part of something big. But they all evaporate in the end.

Books are like flowers. Most have the power to bring joy into our lives. Some lose their luster after a while, some will grow to be huge, and some, no matter how wonderful and perfect, will sit alone waiting to be picked up.

Adolescence is like a Porsche…quick, obnoxious, and loud. And if you take it too fast, it can kill you.

Life is like a puppy…it can be playful and loving, but sometimes it craps on you or bites you for no reason.

Damn, I’m good! And that only took me, like, five minutes. I can analogize about anything.

Go ahead. Challenge me! Throw some words my way…you know you want to.



alvina said...

ha--this is great. Coincidentally, I recently posted about analogies, too! See it here.

alvina said...

oh, wait--just saw your comment.

Disco Mermaids said...

You are talented, A-Girl! I love how you can be so funny and deeply emotional at the same time.
Here's my stab at it...
Eve is like a Nestle Crunch ice cream bar (with the crispy crunchies on the outside). She's tough on the outside, but when you break through the outer layer she's soft and drippy.
Am I right, people!!? Throw me a metaphorical bone, here! I'll stop.

Anonymous said...

O.k., I'm taking the challenge (with J.B.'s help). Here are your words: "school" and "tree." I challenge you further to avoid obvious comparisons to branches. I probably would have thought of other words if J.B. wasn't right here! Good luck, Lamy

LS said...

Once, on a college application, I compared the college experience I wanted to my plaid pajama pants (which I happened to be wearing at the time, because the application was due the next day, and I was tired and procrastinating). I didn't get in...but my analogy was AMAZING!

renee said...

Now THAT is a useful superpower. Me, I've just got this metal-spikes-out-of-my-fist thing that I don't know what to do with.

In th spirit of things, how about an analogy using Superman and marshmallows?

Disco Mermaids said...

Okay, here goes...

Superman is like a marshmallow...he can be soft and sweet, but if you burn him, you're just asking for one big sticky mess.

Going to school is like climbing a tree...work hard, stay strong and focused, and you have less chance of dropping out.

I'm outta here.

Nancy said...

Here ya go:

Reality TV/Wind
Your wardrobe/Las Vegas showgirl

Nancy said...

By the way, you could do anyone's wardrobe for that last one... except mine, because you wouldn't know that one. Didn't mean to actually insult your wardrobe of course! :)

Disco Mermaids said...

Hi Nancy,

Just saw these. Here goes...(keep in mind that I'm not fully caffeinated yet!)

Sleep is like a big glass of wine...soothing, calming, refreshing. But if you have way too much of it, you'll become a big groggy mess with a headache.

Reality TV shows are like a strong wind... huge one day, gone the next. And not really all that important. Unless, of course, you are in one and it exposes your dirty laundry, and ultimately messes up your life.

My wardrobe is like a Las Vegas Showgirl...Ahh, this one's waaay too easy, Nancy. Let's just leave it at that!

Thanks for the challenge. I'm outta here. I'll be here all week!!


Nancy said...


You should find a way to bottle this talent.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear what you said about a turkish carpet salesman/lime jello