Friday, August 04, 2006

So Far at SCBWI

When we arrived at the hotel the night before the conference, nobody was there. Usually it’s swarming with children’s book writers and illustrators and agents and editors. Then, all at once, they came swarming in. The faculty meeting had just ended and “Look! There’s David Diaz. Hi, David! Oh my, is that Mo Willems? And here she comes now, our new BFF, Lisa Yee! Oh, and Debby Garfinkle…our other BFF!”

The most surreal (and most fun) part was meeting our blog readers face to face. Unless people leave comments or e-mail us, it’s impossible to know who’s reading our li’l speck o’ dust in the blogosphere. But wow! The scariest part was being asked, non-stop, what we were going to dress as for the Jade Jubilee. It’s almost like people expect us to overdo it every year.

Oh yeah. That’s probably cuz we do…

Okay, we know what you all want to know. Have we talked to Tomie dePaola and does he know about The dePaola Code? No, we haven’t talked to him. Yes, we plan to talk to him...we just can't agree on who should approach him.

Maybe another game of Blog or Dare is in order.

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Lisa Yee said...

Look! Look! The Disco Mermaids are here.

Let the festivities begin!!!!!