Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Disco Saloon Mermaids

No, we're not changing the name of our blog. But we'd have to if we altered our name to match our costumes each time we won the SCBWI costume contest!

This year, we weren't the only winners. Based on audience applause they chose three Grand Prize winners, which was wonderful because there were so many amazing costumes. And so many people went over the top to stand out as the crowd pleasers. That, of course, equals a ton of fun for everyone...costumed or not.

We'll post our pic soon, but we're getting ready to speak at Lisa Yee's blog workshop right now. Let's just say that it took people a long time (and only after getting a good close-up of the hair on his chinny-chin-chin) to realize Jay was actually a man...and not a woman with fabulous legs!


Anonymous said...

Nothing like the Saloon Disco Mermaids to brighten up the conference. Great time for everyone, can't wait till next year. Now I can join the blog after your workshop.

Great job guys, see you at Writer's Day in October, unfortunately we have to wear civilian clothes.

Jaded Showgirl

Disco Mermaids said...

On our drive home, we couldn't stop gushing about all the cool people we met this year...and we're already looking forward till next year, too.

See ya then!

Courtney said...

I need details and photos, stat.

Joey said...

Hey friends. It was great meeting all of you. Thanks so much for all the laughs and the late nights. My recovery time will determine next year's attendance.

theveryhungrywriter said...

I just returned from the LA conference. Missed the costume ball due to dance-a-phobia. I did catch your presentation at Lisa Yee's "Why Blog?" presentation. Your site is awesome! For the past month I have been devouring everything about blogging, and will be getting mine on-line in a few weeks (some uber-tech master will be visiting me at the beach and says he'll help me customize) I'm going to gear it toward young writers (I teach creative writing in a couple of elementary schools)and hope to get the kids blogging about their own writing. Hope you'll visit my site when it's up and running.

the very hungry writer