Friday, May 18, 2007

A Funny Li'l Tickle -- Jay

I spent the morning writing at home. I spent the afternoon writing in a coffee shop. Then I spent some time talking about writing in a hot tub with Robin, Eve, and Robin’s almost five-year-old son. Actually, I didn’t talk to Robin’s son about writing, but I did spend about an hour acting like his personal human surfboard.

When I returned home and got the mail, I also got a funny li’l tickle in my tummy! Even though my book hasn’t been released yet, every so often I get a reminder that my Years-In-The-Making dream has finally come true (or will come true in exactly five months from today!).

I’ve received a few letters recently from companies offering to help me schedule speaking engagements, or to help me set up a website, etc... But today I received a letter promising that if I “have the basic aptitude, we’ll teach you how to break into print with the kinds of stories and articles that editors want now.” So I’m thinking of taking their “FREE Qualifying Test” to see where I stand. Maybe they’ll be upfront and tell me that I’ve got no talent and there's no hope of developing my skills. Because wouldn’t that be great to know now?

But I'm pretty sure they’ll tell me I do have what it takes. And then they’ll tell me that if I want the secrets to breaking in, all I've gotta do is fork over the dough.

- Jay


Disco Mermaids said...

Over half a day went by before someone finally told me there was no place to leave a comment on this post.

For those of you with Blogger, apparently their system's having a li'l tickle with the comments. If you save your post as a draft and post it comments. So I had to repost this as a new post in order to get the comments working.

And woo-hoo! I'm the first one commenting on my own post!!!

- Jay

what'sinyoursoul said...

Thanks for the tip! I was wondering. Thought you just didn't want someone saying, hey, maybe you SHOULD take that writer's test. ;)

Having read some of my 13 Reasons Why don't! They made me take it out to my car before the event b/c they didn't want anyone to get jealous. And they would have. I admit, I did wag it in front of Laini T, and she was appropriately green.

Christine said...

They still send me those in the mail, too (and I'm a graduate of the course)--once after I'd just answered their questions about my latest sale!

Colorado Writer said...

I just didn't want to be first to comment--again.