Thursday, May 24, 2007

Talkin' About the Boy in NYC -- Jay

The first time I went to NYC was to attend SCBWI’s first annual winter conference (it was my first time spending a big chunk o’ money on this writing thing). The second time I went was to meet with several editors as my prize for winning SCBWI’s Sue Alexander Award (it was my first time spending a big chunk o’ someone else’s money on this writing thing). Both times, I went alone.

Now, I’m going as an official author…and my honey’s coming with me!

On Sunday, June 3rd, I’m gonna bask in the literary candy store of BookExpo America. Meanwhile, my wife wants to run up the stairs of the Empire State Building. Unfortunately, this isn’t allowed anymore (other than during their annual race to the top). So does anyone know of another NYC skyscraper which allows access to its stairs for people who crave that kind of pain? Cuz that would be my wife.

On Monday, we’re gonna be the ultimate tourists and hit museums, restaurants, and Broadway shows from sun-up till almost sun-up again.

On Tuesday, I’m gonna briefly sit in on the recording of the audio book for Thirteen Reasons Why...which I know will absolutely fuh-reak me out! Then, I’m gonna swing by the Donnell Central Children’s Room and say “Hey!” to everyone’s favorite bloggin’ librarian. Meanwhile, my wife is gonna take her djembe (a handheld African drum) and find a nice street corner to serenade the East Coasters with her music. But does anyone know if she can get arrested for that? Cuz our flight is non-refundable and she really needs to get back in time for work.

On Wednesday, I’m gonna sit in on some more audio recording, listening to the second narrator bring my story to life. Then I’m going out to lunch with my editor from Listening Library. And then my editor from Razorbill is gonna show me around the Penguin empire, introducing me to all the creative and wonderful people who have worked so hard on my book. Meanwhile, my wife (who, by then, should be totally worn out) is gonna relax in Central Park with her sketchbook….which, to me, sounds like a perfectly sane thing to do.

- Jay

NOTE FROM MY WIFE: If any of you wanna join her for some skyscraper steppin’ or Central Park sketchin’, shoot me an e-mail.

NOTE TO ROBIN & EVE: Seriously, I would love for the two of you to come. But I used to work for the airlines, and they can tell when two women are scrunched up in a piece of luggage.


heidi said...

My husband and his friend used to play their guitars down in the subway and never got arrested, so your wife may have a good fighting chance!

Have a great trip.

Lisa Yee said...

What a difference a year makes!

SilberBook-Blog said...

Yeehah! (try saying that in Brooklyn-ese) Way to go, Jay! Big wonderful fun. How exciting!

(And forgive the teeny wet blanket - but I think Broadway shows are all dark on Mondays...)

(but I'm sure there are a few other things one might do in NYC...)


Steph said...


I'm so excited and happy for you Mr. Author and for Mrs. Author too!

cynjay said...

Nice of your wife to let you come along on her trip ;)

You must keep us posted so that we can bask in your reflection. Good think I got a waterproof keyboard so that the drool wipes off easily.

I think, however, that you should reconsider the entire endeavor because you're going to miss coffee on Weds. with moi. BEA will understand.

Disco Mermaids said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Alan. I'll send the blanket back when it comes out of the dryer.

Sorry I won't get to meet you, CynJay. I guess you'll have to make another trip our way after I get back!

Thank you, everyone, for sharing in the excitement. I've enjoyed listening to (and reading about) everyone else's weird journey to publication for a long time. And it's been fun sharing my experience with you.

- Jay

Disco Mermaids said...

Jay, I doubt they can tell if two women are scrunched up in your luggage. Eve and I made it all the way to Miami that way once...even though Eve insists she doesn't remember a thing.


Colorado Writer said...

How cool! Are you going to wear your penguin suit to the offices?

Maybe you can FEDEX Eve and Robin?

Reminder: The gum on the subway railings is NOT free candy! (ELF)

Say hi to Melissa Marr at BEA!
Bask in the supastarness! You worked your buns off!

HipWriterMama said...

Congrats and have fun!

Linda S. said...

More wet blanket--you might want to rethink your sched. a bit. Most Broadway shows are dark on Monday night and most museums are also closed on Mondays (I think except for MOMA.)

Erik said...

You mean that's the only excuse you have for missing our housewarming party here in Oakland???? JEEZ!

Sounds like an awesome trip. Make sure to give us a full report once you get back. Cheers!