Monday, May 14, 2007

It Happens In Threes --Eve

"Kidz In The Wood" is my upper middle grade labor of love that I've obsessed over for a long long time. A few minutes ago I finished my final revisions that will be sent to editors. Tonight in my delirious, sleep-deprived haze, I reflect on the interesting timeline associated with the writing of this book:

May 2003: Begin writing "Kidz"
May 2006: Finish writing "Kidz"
August 2006: Finish revising "Kidz"
November 2006: Sign with a wonderful agent and "Kidz" is submitted
February 2007: "Kidz" turned down by five editors. Begin major revisions based on editors' comments
May 2007: Finish re-revising "Kidz"

Notice a pattern? Neither did I, until right NOW! It took exactly three years to write "Kidz", exactly three months to revise, exactly three more months to find an agent, exactly three more months to get revision suggestions, and exactly three more months to re-revise. (And exactly three minutes to write this post!) My horoscope says that May 18th is my luckiest day of the year, and something major will come to fruition that will change my life. Is it possible that my agent will get an offer on "Kidz" in exactly three days?? Maybe I'll get a three-book, three million dollar deal in a three-house auction. And then the three Disco Mermaids will celebrate by going to a triple-feature movie and eating tres leches cake and drinking three-rum Mai Tais! Okay, I may be going a little crazy, but give me a break...I'm running on empty here with only three total hours of sleep from the weekend!

(Three letters in my name! Ha-ha! Just noticed that.)


Linda D. said...

You're way more organized than I am, Eve. When I talk about how long I've been working on my MG, I just shrug and guess that it's been around 5 years or so. No clue when I started. No idea when I finished. No hint of how long I've been on various revisions.

Maybe I should start keeping track - I bet there's a pattern there.

Colorado Writer said...

3 cheers for finishing, now it's time to drink 3 mojitos and celebrate!

Disco Mermaids said... did you know that we LOVE Mojitos? That's our drink of choice at the Conf. We'll have to sip a few with you. (We even brought our own ingredients last year, including freshly ground mint! Are we committed to our partying, or what?)

Linda D...Oh, make no mistake. I am not very organized. My brain just does weird things late at night after staring endlessly at the computer screen and working on very little sleep. I'm not normally so "Rain-girl" with numbers and things.


Colorado Writer said...

Told you I was a stalker.

heidi said...

Good and bad things come in May 18 could be your lucky day! What a long haul. Brava to you for sticking with this project! Good luck!

Disco Mermaids said...

Hey! Jay's name has three letters in it, too. What's going on here?

Even though it's freaky that my name has five letters and it took almost five years to write my middle grade novel. But if I drank 5 mojitos...I'd end up in jail.

Just sayin',
(don't call me Rob)

Natalie said...

Aw, not to worry Rob(in)...that just means that Super Agent will get you a 5 book deal for 5 million dollars, then Eve and Jay will change their names to Evelyn and Jacob. :-)

cynjay said...

It also takes three licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. Coincidence? I think not.

(Whose name is actually made up of two three letter words)

Rilla said...

Rilla: Good luck, Eve. But, my guess is that you hear on the 21st.
rilla: Why the 21st?
Rilla: Just to be different. Everyone else likes the number 3.
rilla: Not everyone. Natalie likes five.
Rilla: Natalie can't count..
rilla: Huh? Why do you say...
Rilla: She thinks there's 5 letters in Evelyn...
rilla: Maybe that's how they count in Italy...
Rilla: Italy! How lovely, want to go there for a vac...
rilla: WE WERE TALKING ABOUT EVE! You know, 21 is 7x3 and Eve mentioned 3's seven times in her timeline so I agree with her. It's all about the number three.
Rilla: Or seven, seven's good.
rilla: Or five... or... WHATEVER... Good luck Eve! We're rooting for you...both of us ;)

Natalie said...

Rilla, you sly thing(s) you! You caught me...I couldn't think of a 5-letter name for Eve. I didn't want to stick her with Ethel or Ester, and since Evelyn had both E and V, I went with the 6-letter name. This only means, of course, that she'll get a 6 book deal for 6 million dollars. My name has 7 letters...hmmmm.

P.S. Maybe the 21st will be Eve's big day...after all, 2+1=3!

Rilla said...

2 + 1 = 3 simple, Natalie. I didn't see that. So many years of studying economics and finance and I still can't add 1 + 2. Oh, well, AT LEAST I CAN COUNT! And as for 5-letter EV names, there are so many lovely about Evony or Evily ;)or... Evita...and whatever they pay, they'll have to pay double for any books by rilla, 'coz don't forget, there's two of us here!
Coming back to the point...Good Luck Eve!

Disco Mermaids said...

You guys are cracking me up!! Who knew I would start such an interesting thread? Okay, I really just had to leave one more comment so that I would have a total of 12, instead of 11.

12/3 = 4
And four is my lucky number

So, it all adds up! Jay and Robin are on their way over to swim with me, so I'm going to start blending up those 3-Rum Mai Tais right now!!

Thanks for the comments, guys,