Sunday, May 20, 2007

Two-Thirds Vote --Eve

People always ask me how we can operate so smoothly here in Disco-Land, since the three of us share big personalities, strong opinions, and love of the limelight. So, I thought I'd explain a few things about the Disco Mermaids and our very Democratic policies.

First, we are unusually lucky that the three of us agree on most of the important things, like which movies to see (if Colin Ferrell's in it...we're there!), where to eat (love pizza, burgers, and anything milkshake-y), who will drive (me...don't know why, I just always do), and which movie stars we'd want to smooch (Jessica Alba, anyone??).

There are very few things we disagree on, and we pretty much avoid those topics. Like, I won't name names, but one Disco Mermaid doesn't like a particular female presidential candidate that Jay and I LOVE, so sometimes that causes friction. And two Disco Mermaids LOVE dogs, and one is afraid of them, so sometimes Jay gets mad at us for making fun of him.

But when we really need to make a critical decision about something, we always put it to a vote. Two-thirds wins. No appeals, no re-counts. Here's an example of a recent Disco Mermaid voting record:

Color shirt Jay should wear for first speaking engagement: 1-Brown, 2-Pastel color that enhances his skin tone

Does Eve's book need another revision? 2-Yes, 1-No way; it's perfect!

What should we wear for the SCBWI conference theme party? 2-Something comfortable, 1-Something skanky-trashy

What should Robin work on next? 3-Funny Middle Grade...It's unanimous!

Should Eve cut her hair and get bangs? 2-Yes! 1-What are bangs?

And, yes, having three of us does get a little tricky sometimes, because when you have an odd number of BFF's, somebody's always left out. Unfortunately, sometimes that somebody is the other day when we were playing at my house, and Jay and Robin voted that every day of the week that ends in "day" will from now on be "Make Fun Of Eve Day,"...Then, I wasn't so down with the whole democracy thing.

Love to the DM's! Tomorrow's officially been renamed "Mon" so no busting on the Evie...HA!



heidi said...

You guys are so cute! I don't wonder so much how the three of you get along so well (chemistry is chemistry), but I do wonder how your spouses feel about all your hot tub sharing, blog-creating, writerly love. When I first read your blog, I couldn't figure out which one of you gals was married to Jay! Can't wait to meet you all at SCBWI LA. I'll look for the merman in the pastel shirt.

Disco Mermaids said...

Simple answer: our spouses encourage it!

Think of it this way, what would you think if you saw two sisters and their brother sitting in a hot tub discussing children's books? Cuz that's what it's like.

Long live Three's Company!

Of course, if Colin Ferrell, Jessica Alba, or Sting (hi, Robin!) are ten minutes we'd probably have them discussing children's books, too.

- Jay

heidi said...

Hee, hee. Does Mr. Roper ever join you guys?

Lisa Yee said...

Who decides on your Gala costumes?

Disco Mermaids said...

Hi Lisa Yee!!

Again, the costume thing comes down to a 2/3 vote. Soon as we know the theme, ideas are thrown out, sketches are created by our personal designers, fittings are scheduled, hair, eye and skin tones are examined, then we vote.

Or we just go down to the local costume shop and try on a bunch of silly outfits until a combo makes us laugh really really hard...then we go with that!

Looking forward to seeing everybody in August!


cynjay said...

Okay I'll admit it - I'm jealous. Sitting up here all on my lonesome watching you all frolic down there is hard. The only good part about being on my own is that most of the time I get my way.

Wish I could see you all in LA, but unless we make a big sale soon it ain't gonna happen. Send photos!

Disco Mermaids said...

Waaaaahhh! Cynthia, you must go to the conference. Hmmm...maybe there's a contest coming up that can help with that. (Ahem.)

Anyways, I actually never have seen a Colin Ferrell movie. Is that weird? Am I kicked out?

I'm in one of those freakish categories where I like any movie with William Hurt. No? Anyone? Am I the only William Hurt freak in the building?

Now I'm embarrassed.
Obama '08!!

Rilla said...

Who the dickens is Colin Ferrell?

Clinton AND Obama, '08!!!

Disco Mermaids said...

Oh, Rilla, no you di'int just ask who CF is, did you?? He's only the cutest boy...I mean, best, most finest actor on the planet. You know, Minority Report? Phonebooth? New World? S.W.A.T? No? Not ringing any bells?

Okay, so we dug up another issue that creates conflict between us...Robin doesn't love Colin Ferrell like Jay and I do. But I love William Hurt too! And Diniro. I'll watch anything with Diniro in it. And Christian Bale. Whew! LOVE him.

Wait, what was this post about?

Love Clinton!
Love Obama too!

Rilla said...

OK, Eve, I went out and googled Colin Ferrell coz I have to admit I haven't seen Minority Report, or Phonebooth, or New World OR S.W.A.T! Yeah, and I don't have cable either. I'm an Indie/Foreign film kinda gal. Well anyway, guess what google asks me...Did you mean Colin Farrell? So there, I'm in good company, google doesn't know who the hell Colin Ferrell is either, heh heh heh!
Johnny Depp anyone???

Disco Mermaids said...

Okay, not to be a Farrell pooper or anything, but y'all need to understand that Eve is so Colin-happy that she assumes everyone loves the dude unless they speak up.

So...Evie...I guess you're in the 1/3 category on this one. I mean, I thought New World was brilliant, but I'm still not a Colin-ist. In fact, I think the role of Captain Smith would've been even juicier if it was played by Jessica Alba.

- Jay

Linda D. said...

I'm with cynjay. Just pure, raw jealousy.

*Linda bolts from the room with tears pouring rivers.* Little does anyone know, she has plans to infiltrate disco mermaid camp with her Jay disguise. But what to do with the real Jay while she parties with Robin and Eve ...

Anonymous said...

As the husband of Mermaid #1, I’ve got the inside dish on all three of the Disco Mermaids. Expect my own tell-all book to come out soon!

A sneak preview of my book will certainly include this tale: It’s 7:45AM. Robin and I both wake up at the same time. Before I can say “Good morning, dear” or “Hi, sweetie! Thanks for not kicking me with your flipper last night,” the phone rings and it’s Jay (Merman #2) and they are off to the races…Did I mention that they all say good night to each other like The Waltons?

Seriously, I’ve been thinking about starting a 12- step program for us mermaid spouses. We certainly have some co-dependent issues to work out. The three mermaids have a disease. And we spouses are just enablers to all this insanity.

Or maybe I just want to be a mermaid, too.


Don Tate II said...

I wanna read Jayson's mermaid tell all. Now, that would be an interesting story. And, uh, Jay, I don't like dogs either. I got your back.

cynjay said...

Robin, go watch the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice and if you can still say after that that CF is a non-starter, then you're a better woman than I am. Hubba. Even my DH thinks he's hot in that movie.

heidi said...

Perhaps Jayson and the other spouses could start their own threesome-tell-all-blog---what is akin to Disco Mermaids? Rockin' Faeries? Nope, too overplayed. Jazz Unicorns? Punk Hobbits? Classical Dragons? Just an idea...