Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pucker Up, Girls -- Robin

They say it’s helpful to read your manuscript out loud, but I've decided I am not going to read my young adult novel out loud any more. I have a feeling my 4-year-old (almost 5!) has been listening in.

Last weekend we went to the birthday party of a little girl in his preschool class, and I spent the entire time telling him to stop kissing all the girls. Some of the kisses were even long kisses, the kind that end up on page 142 of a certain young adult novel.

During the pony rides I actually had to walk over to my boy, drag him away from the group by the arm, bend down to his level and say, “Um, let’s not the kiss the girls…right now.” I had to add the “right now”—I didn’t want to squelch his admiration of girls (because admiring girls is a very good thing, if not necessary). He just needs to learn the whens and whys of kissing (he seems to have figured out the hows). But I couldn’t help thinking: Whatever happened to just being fascinated with dinosaurs?

As I looked around at all the girls at the party, I started thinking that these are the ones he’ll go to elementary school with, and then eventually to high school, and then possibly to college. And one of these little munchkins might just end up being my daughter-in-law. Crap! We gotta find us a good one!

I turned to explain all of this to my little boy, but he was sitting up on the hill with his arm around another little girl. I thought about running up there and giving him the “not right now” lecture again, but honestly…I was just glad to see him moving on from dinosaurs.

So I think over the coming years, I may steer him away from young adult novels and just have him read this book over and over.

And if he ever gets confused and has questions, he should read this one.

- Robin


heidi said...

LOL! That was great Robin. I have a four-year-old playa for a son as well. He doesn't do the kissing thing (YET), but he has serious fangrrls that follow him around the playground. One of his gals cries every time he leaves. Every time. I say enjoy it while it lasts...middle school and high school are right around the corner. Eeek!

Linda D. said...

What is it about boys and kissing girls? My son (now 11) kissed a girl at the age of five. They've had this weird romance/relationship ever since. He still has a crush on her and from what I understand, she feels the same way. I think they're just waiting to be old enough to date ... then I'll be in huge trouble.

So, your son ... about a year younger than my daughter ... let's keep them apart, shall we? ;-)

debi in holland said...


Mine son was about 5 when he managed his first kiss, too! He came right out and said that he was going to marry her -- Sidney.

They were in love. And she was an older woman (in kindergarten already . . .).

What did we do?

Left the country.

Sure, may sound a bit drastic, but you can't be too careful, right?


Disco Mermaids said...

LOL, Robin! LOL!! Is that a real book? Brilliant! They're never too young to be brainwashed, I tell you.

My dad was so worried about us dating/kissing boys that he always threatened to lock us in our rooms until we were 35 if we did! Just sayin'.


Disco Mermaids said...

No wonder you've gone wild the past two years, Eve!

And I've gotta say, I still remember my very first peck on the lips in elementary school...and I can still smell the strawberry ChapStick!

- Jay

Anonymous said...

Funny, Jay. But you forget that I'm only 30, which means I'm still locked in my room for the next five years!!

And you told me your first kiss was when you were like 18 or something. Oops, sorry. Was that in confidence??


Sarah Darer Littman said...

You sound like me! I remember sitting in the garden with my son when he was about five days old and starting to cry because some day he'd grow up and get married and I'd end up being a MOTHER IN LAW!

Just wait till he starts asking you questions about the whys and wherefores of girls. Or when you first "did it". Oy!!

Disco Mermaids said...

Hmm. No wonder Jay is always asking to borrow our ChapStick.

And Evie, I thought you were still 29. No?

Thanks to Sarah and Linda and Heidi for reminding me of the impending doom to come. I think I'll take Debi in Holland's advice and whisk him out of the country. (Is that why you're there?)


Colorado Writer said...

I'm doomed. With my 3 boys, I'll have 3 daughters-in-law someday! My 4 yo saw the new Old Navy commercial last night and said: "Those girls are sexy, huh Mama?"

Note to self: No strawberry Chapstick around Jay.

heidi said...

When we're all mothers-in-laws we have to follow my FABULOUS mother-in-law* as a role model: she babysits whenever asked and eat cooked carrots for dinner. Plus, she need goes on all european vacations with us, eating sliced cheese and crackers in the hotel room while playing monster w/ adorable grandson. Citing: "I prefer to eat in the room. You guys go out and have a five-course dinner in Paris."

*my mother-in-law is a real breathing entity. i will never be as good as she as, but i totally adore her and worship her for ever.

debi in holland said...

(Actually, there were quite a few other things going on to take us out of Detroit, like, um . . . work)

But, yes, of course! We left because my son kissed a girl. Yup. Sounds reasonable?


a. fortis said...

That's so cute! But now I'm a little afeared for my nephew, who is already into hugging...