Monday, November 12, 2007

Office Space -- Robin

If you read this previous post, you’ll remember that I recently remodeled our messy toy room/dog room/sun room/box-collecting room into a nice little office for myself. Some of you wondered if I’d be able to keep it looking so nice and clean.

Here’s an office update:

1. Heck, no. It’s a total mess! I’ve done a good job of keeping the actual desk space clear of clutter, but the floor is a magnet for all things that don’t fit in a drawer or in my car trunk.

2. The Spider-Man pinball machine has been helpful when my son runs into the room wanting my attention. I tell him to play one game and then Mommy will be all ears. (Note: this turns into 3 games, played at full volume.)

3. When my son finally finishes his games, he’s forgotten why he came in there in the first place. Then I play a couple of games, of course.

4. I’m able to close the door to the office when I need complete silence.

5. Sometimes when I’m about to close the door so I can get complete silence, my husband asks me what he and our son should do with their time while I’m shut off in my office, and I absent-mindedly tell him, “Just build something!” Well…then the following usually happens:

Our living room is transformed into…


Apparently, they’re still looking for a new sheriff in Creature Land, due to the high number of “bad guys.”

- Robin

MERMAID SIGHTING: If you’re gonna be near San Francisco on Tuesday, November 13th, swing by Not Your Mother’s Book Club at Books Inc. Opera Plaza and have Jay sign your copy of Thirteen Reasons Why (he’ll be there with fellow teen-lit. authors Ellen Hopkins, Barry Lyga, and Brian Mandabach).


Anonymous said...

my house looks like creature land too--my son would love that pinball machine. =)


Disco Mermaids said...

The next time we all go out of town for a writing conference, that Spider-Man pinball is coming with us!

- Jay

Sheri said...

I have similar structures. Mostly made of Star Wars figures.