Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There Ought to be a Law -- Robin

Our local assemblyman has started up a contest called “There Ought to be a Law,” where you can suggest a random new law and he’ll go to Sacramento and actually try to get it passed! I’m thinking about suggesting a few ideas. For example, I’d really like my assemblyman to pass a law that forces The Daily Show (after the writers’ strike is over, of course) to be aired one hour earlier. I’d really like that.

So once I was done thinking about my brilliant idea for a new law, I got to thinking some more…maybe we should make some new laws in the world of children’s literature. Come on everyone, play along with me!

There Ought to be a Law in Children’s Literature…
  1. Every children’s book author shall be paid a handsome advance. And by handsome, I mean James Franco! (Just pay me in Francos, baby!)

  2. Every children’s book author shall be named Honorary Ice Princess in their hometown Christmas parade. (I’ve always wanted to do that, and this may be the only way it’ll ever happen!)

  3. Every children’s book ever written shall include at least one vampire. (Oops, I think that’s already a law.)

Oh, oh! And I think we should also have a new law in DiscoLand:

No DM shall namedrop (no matter how cute the namedropped person is) unless another DM is allowed to also namedrop (as well as excessively exaggerate with poorly used Photoshop skills).

Why yes, that is Kirsten Dunst from all three Spider-Man movies (she just suddenly showed up in our hotel room at the SCBWI conference last summer). And yes, she is much paler than me. And no, I’m not good at Photoshop.



krw3b said...

Just pay me in Francos

Hahahaha! Good one!

*high five*

Colorado Writer said...


Disco Mermaids said...

Let me guess, on Eve's next post, we're going to find out that she and Toby Maguire were hanging out poolside...

- Jay

Colorado Writer said...

Weren't you hanging in the hot tub with a Baldwin, while I was in the lobby with Rob Estes?

Disco Mermaids said...

Yes, CW, that's right! While you were hanging with Rob, I was hot tubbing with Billy Baldwin! And Laini and Jim were hanging with John Edwards!
(What's funny is that all of that is actually true!)

Aaahhh...the life of a children's book writer...


Colorado Writer said...

And I got kissed by the Fonz!