Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Random Post -- Jay

The lucky winners of our Two-Day Q&A contest are:

Creative Dreams


Linda D. (sbk)
Jumbled Ramblings

My intent was to have my wife randomly choose numbers to decide the winners, but I got home too late and she was asleep. So I found this handy-dandy site, which allowed me to still select the winners with complete randomness.

Why did I get home so late? Because I was 3-hours north doing school visits (courtesy of Kepler's Books) at Woodside High School, Gunn High School, and Palo Alto High School. And to end this post on a completely random note, here's a photo taken at the end of my last school visit:

Why yes, that is James Franco from all three Spider-Man movies! And yes, I did give him a signed copy of Thirteen Reasons Why! (And yes, he is so much cooler than me...)

- Jay


Jodi Lyn said...

Nah, James Franco is cool - but you're WAY cool! :)

Colorado Writer said...

JF might be cool, but you are way cuter (more cute?), if I may say so. And you are smiling like I was smiling when I met Rob Estes in LA, like a crazed fan. HA HA HA...

Linda D. (sbk) said...

No contest Jay! You are way cooler!

And may I add: WOOHOO!! I won!! Super cool!

Thanks Jay. :D

krw3b said...

I'm sorry, did you say something?

Who is that guy with the book blocking James *drool* Franco?

(JK, hee hee.)

What was JF doing there, anyway?

Disco Mermaids said...

Mr. Franco was helping the students after school with some acting-related stuff. And you're right, krw3b, I should've allowed all of our women readers a full-body shot of the guy.

Forgive me?

- Jay "Franco-blocker" Asher

Laura said...

YAY!!!! What a great day!!!! I can't wait to hear it!!
Thanks Jay!

Erik said...

James Who?

At any rate, as long as we're talking about "celebrity"....

....have you gotten your first stalker yet Jay?

Do you want one? ;-)

tammi said...

Just tousle your hair a bit.

krw3b said...

Wellll, okay I'll forgive you.

As long as you tell me where this school is that has movie stars helping out, so I can move there and register as a student.

I could pass for 14, right?




Candace said...

Meep, you were in the Bay Area! Jeez, all the good stuff happens -after- I leave home. Granted, I didn't go to Woodside, Gunn, or Paly, but still. I hope you enjoyed the cold 40 degree weather. :D


Disco Mermaids said...

Actually, Tammi, in that photo...my hair is tousled.


- Jay

Colorado Writer said...

Shove over Erik,
I AM Jay's Favorite Stalker.

LindaBudz said...

Oh, sure, he's cool in shades and a leather jacket, but can he pull off cool wearing a boa and heels like a certain mermaid we all know and love?

Erik said...

Sorry colorado writer,

I've been Jay's "#1 Fan" for 12 years.

So short of his wife, I've got dibs on the stalking privelages.

But seriously, there's plenty of him to go around. You get the bathroom window, and I'll get the bedroom window.


Megan said...

JAMES FRANCO AND BOOKS! That is, like, an amazing combination.

editrix said...

Dear Lord,

Please let James Franco option Thirteen Reasons Why for a movie.

Thank you,