Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Two-Day Q&A -- Jay

I’ve had Listening Library’s audiobook version of Thirteen Reasons Why in my possession for several weeks. But it wasn’t until a few days ago that I finally slid the first C.D. into my car stereo. Basically, I was terrified of hearing someone else (in this case, two someone elses) interpret my words. And fifteen minutes after pressing play, I couldn’t take it anymore and I pressed eject.

I couldn’t take it anymore because I was freaking out! I worked on that story for several years…I knew it inside and out. Yet I was so caught up in its retelling that my muscles were tense and my mouth was hanging open as I waited to find out what was going to happen next. How is that even possible!?!?

It's possible because of the actors. According to AudioFile Magazine:

The novel makes a perfect transformation to audio. Debra Wiseman narrates Hannah’s story with a blend of dispassion, disgust, and defeat. Joel Johnstone portrays the grieving Clay, who chimes in uncertainly from time to time to protest Hannah’s words, his comments marked with desperation. The interplay of the two is perfectly choreographed in this powerful audio.

I contacted Debra and Joel to learn more about the actors who literally gave voices to the voices in my head. And over the next two days, I’d like to introduce them to you.

Also, be sure to leave comments. On Monday, I'll randomly select one commenter from each Q&A to receive a free audiobook of Thirteen Reasons Why.

- Jay

PAST POSTS: To re-read about my trip to NYC to witness the recording of Thirteen Reasons Why, click here. And if you don't already know about the audiobook's bonus track, click here.


Colorado Writer said...

Perhaps 13 is perfect for a movie.

Um. Hello Hollywood. Pay attention!!!

In my mind, Natalie Portman is Hannah and Wentworth Miller could be Clay.

Linda D. (sbk) said...

ooh, Natalie Portman would be perfect. Nice call colorado writer!!

Mac McCool said...

Wow! Jay, that's such luck!! Aren't great voice actors just incredible? So much can be communicated by the right intonation, dead-on mood, perfect timing, enrapturing voices. Conversely, a bad read can really sink a great book.

I'd loooooooove to hear it!!! I'd share it when I'm done!! Wink, wink!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! I'm off to go eat a sumptuous dinner!!!!


Candace said...

It sounds awesome! I've never listened to any audiobook of any book, ever, because so often I feel like listening to the audio version of a book will change how I view the characters. But for this book, because it was meant to be Clay listening to Hannah's tapes...well, I think the audio version would be AWESOME to listen to!

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Anonymous said...

When I first started reading I expected to hear your voice, Jay, coming out of Clay's dialogue. But that didn't happen. Hannah's voice is freaking wonderful. I can't imagine the thrill of "hearing" them for real. And I see a movie, too.

However, do you remember when they made Catherine Ryan Hyde's book "Pay It Forward" into a movie? They changed quite a few things, even the ethnicity of the male pov.

So Jay, have you joined the Screenwriter's Guild, or whatever it's called. Cause I know you'd write an awesome script for 13RW


Bobcat said...

Hey, Jay,
Thanks so much for the insight to the audiobook making process. Perhaps the great audio will become the 14th reason to purchase/read/listen to your work!

Amber said...

Very cool - I also agree that 13 Reasons Why should be made into a movie!!

Anne Marie said...

These are awesome, Jay!