Saturday, July 19, 2008

To My Dear Friends... -- Robin

Since Jay and Eve are busy reading my manuscript, they don’t have time for blogging right now. So you get me…again!

This time I need some advice. (Jay and Eve aren’t even able to provide basic friendship needs! But that’s okay. I asked them to read my book and ignore my
calls. They’re taking this very seriously!)

Question #1: My husband is leaving to go do some workin South America. Which means I’ll be doing the single-mom thing for a while. Waaaahhh! But now I can’t decide how to spend my time while he’s gone. Should I a) rearrange the furniture; b) scrub the bathrooms; or c) get a babysitter and go see a movie?

Question #2: If I was to get a babysitter and go see a movie, should I go see that Mamma Mia! movie? Or is that Batman movie as good as everyone says?

Question #3: I’ll change the subject now…my 6-year old son has become totally obsessed with Hannah Montana. Is this normal? Or am I a bad mother?

Question #4: Seriously…Mamma Mia! or The Dark Knight?

- Robin


SuzanneYoung said...

Hi Robin! Okay, I think you should first rearrange the furniture, because I know that always makes me feel good and organized. Then get the babysitter and see Batman. I haven't seen it, but Roeper likes it, and I love him.

Hannah Montana? Hm. Not weird. My son likes Spongebob and that's way more annoying.

And finally. Batman. Definitely.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...


Don't listen to Suzanne, she don't know what the heck she's talking about. et yerself a babysitter asap and git outta the house. Mamma Mia zzzzzzzzzzzzz, go see the BatMan movie for Chrissakes.

If it wasn't Hannah Montana now it'd be some other prefabteenybopper queen soon enough, sides what's the harm in fantasizing about some unattainable beauty.


ChrisEldin said...

The Dark Knight.
Just saw it, and it is a classic. Heath Ledger's performance, is well, not a performance. He IS that character. It's brilliant. Do not see Mama Mia if you have to choose.....

You can stop by Book Roast and roast some fellow authors...

Sorry---but our monthly roast starts Monday, and it really is fun.

My DH travels a lot too. I used to drown myself in home improvement projects. Now I eat, write, blog, and grocery shop.

Disco Mermaids said...

Don't listen to any of them, Robin. None of 'em know what the heck they're talking about!

Go see the Batman flick...and take your real friends Jay and Eve (cuz their eyes are getting fuzzy from reading so much and laughing so hard).

- Jay

Disco Mermaids said...

It's sounding like Batman is taking the early lead. And no, Jay, you can't go with me. Fuzzy eyeballs or not...just keep reading!!!

And Suzanne, it's funny because I ALWAYS rearrange the furniture in one room whenever my hubby goes away. Otherwise, he'd talk me out of it. And it's the same routine every time...when he returns, I run out to meet him in the driveway and instead of hugging him, I always say, "Now, honey, don't get mad, but..."

He knows it's coming. He just doesn't know *what.*


SF and Katie said...

There is truly no question here...

Hubby is gone = MAMMA MIA!!

Save Batman for the MAN of the house :-)

see ya soon!


Anonymous said...

The Dark Knight is a must-see, for anyone. I LOVED it (and Christian Bale). My husband LOVED it. And, J.B. said it was the best movie he's ever seen (and he's seen a lot of movies). Go NOW. You can see it again with Eve and Jay - it's that good. Of course, now your expectations are way too high and you're gonna be disappointed, but, still, go NOW. You can always rearrange furniture after Luke is asleep. Lamy

Greg said...

I vote for Mamma Mia (or however you spell that) and no worries about the Hannah Montana obsession. He'll cringe about it in a few years...and it's something you can tell his prom date about.


tessa said...

The Dark Night rocks, so that's what I would see if I were you. :) But it's your choice!