Saturday, August 09, 2008

Back in the Saddle -- Robin

No doubt, we had fun at the national SCBWI conference. But the highlight for me was Sunday at the Golden Kite Luncheon when Lin Oliver gave a moving tribute to Sue Alexander.

Lin told the story of how SCBWI came to be. She and Stephen Mooser were friends who had just graduated from college in the early 70’s and they had been asked to do some work for an educational publisher. Neither one of them knew much about writing for children, so they tried to find an organization to answer their questions. But there were none. So…they decided to start their own. They ran an ad asking for writers to join their new organization called the Society of Children’s Book Writers. And the first person to answer that ad? Sue Alexander.

Over 35 years later, looking around that glamorous ballroom full of nearly a thousand people, it made me want to cry. I am so proud to be part of an organization so thriving and full of amazing supportive people. Sniff!

The conference inspired me and motivated me (as it does every year) to get back in the saddle and push harder and harder to write the best story possible. Which, for me, meant getting back to revising my middle grade novel, The Happiness Project.

You may remember that I spent quite a while revising that puppy with my new, lovely, Elite Uni-Ball red pen...

And I assumed I had gotten the manuscript into really good shape. But my critiques from Jay have been rolling in (apparently he’s partial to fine-tipped black pens)…

Umm...yeah. I have a lot of work to do.

So thanks to the folks at SCBWI for putting on a fabulous conference. Nothing but love. And I also want to say thanks to my critique partners, but really…that’s more of a love/hate thing.

Nah, let’s face it…it’s mostly love.

- Robin


Tyler said...

Well said, Robin. That is one of my favorite things about the conference, the amazing surge of creative energy and inspiration that follows. So far, I've managed to crank out 6 more chapters since we left Monday night; it's great being motivated. Here's to your continued inspiration!

Disco Mermaids said...

Hey Tyler! It was inspirational, wasn't it!? And now I'm inspired that you've been able to write six more chapters. Woohoo!


Lisa said...

I am so sorry I missed the tribute! I know how important Sue was since Lin always mentioned her every year.

Good luck on the revisions! :)

Rita said...

Lovely. I'm all about working hard and diving right back in it. And that story about Sue Alexander . . . it was totally moving.

Happy revising!

Katie said...

I love this post Robin!

I have been struggling with plotting my new novel. So, for some reason it's refreshing to see all of that red and black. It reassures me that writing is a mess sometimes...

I can't wait to hear more about this "Happy Project."


bill cochran said...

And I convinced my editor to toss the draft of my latest thing-a-ma-bob because of the changes I decided I had to make. The inspiration-go-round continues...

Mac McCool said...

Sue's tribute was wonderful. Jay, you may remember that Sue was so supportive about my manuscript at the last Writer's Day in L.A., especially at a time I had great doubts about its merits. I feel it was such a privilege to have her caring hand in my project.

Robin -- I love red too! Tell Jay to get a little more colorful!!

TracyGrand said...

Bummer - I had to miss the conference this year. Good Luck with
The Happiness Project! I know it will be amazing!