Saturday, August 02, 2008

Day 1 at SCBWI

Soon after arriving in L.A., Katie and Sarah Frances presented us with Y'all hats, direct from Mississippi.

Lunch with the Mississippi gals, Rita Crayon Huang, Lee Wind, Will Ferrell, and John C. Riley.

Toasting something very cool (more on that later) with Suzanne Young and Katie.

Jay's first time speaking on the main stage with Yuyi Morales, Paula Yoo, John Rocco, and Lisa Yee.

Jay kickin' butt at the first annual skipping contest through the hotel lobby. (We had to yell "Guffaw!" at the peak of each skip. Don't ask.)


cynjay said...

Almost as good as being there! Keep it up so that I can pretend. Next year I'm going to be one of the cool kids with a lanyard nametag and an elevator full of friends.

I'd love to hear snippets of Jay's talk - will one of ya'll take notes?

saraclaradara said...

Man, I'm so wishing I were there.

I would have loved to hear Jay's main stage Debut. But probably more loved to hear the Guffaws during the Main Lobby Skipping contest!

Anyway, sending some cross continental LURVE!

Suzanne Young said...

Honestly, I'm not sure any Guffaw Skipping contests will ever be that funny. Ever. It will just be too much to live up to.

Katie said...

Well it was a blast to finally hang out with Y'ALL in person! And so cool to see all your fun pictures.

What a weekend!

Tyler said...

Jay was a ridiculously good skipper, I was not expecting that at all. I do think a rematch is necessary, though. This time, WITH shoes!

Disco Mermaids said...

Maybe a rematch is necessary because SOMEbody cheated by running! Just sayin'.

Actually, Suz, I'm not sure any conference will ever be that funny. Ever. It was ALL too much to live up to. I have perpetual Demi-Moore laryngitis man-voice now from screaming and laughing so hard.

I used to have a high, squeaky voice, I swear.


Tyler said...

yes, the sad truth is, I did cheat, but the even sadder truth is that I still didn't even win.

Rita said...

Oh, hooray! There's a photo of me! Yay!

I missed this skipping contest. Eve, you look like you're about to do cartwheels. It's hysterical. (That is Eve, right? Are you like the flag girl in The Fast and the Furious, of skipping?)

Pics of you guys will abound soon enough. :D