Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey, Y'all! -- Robin

I'm in Georgia right now to visit friends and family. But mostly, it seems like I've been hangin' out on I-85. When my son and I arrived at the Atlanta airport, we drove with my folks to Charlotte, North Carolina to spend the weekend with my brother and his kids. My nephew was playing in a soccer tournament and we decided to make it a family event. There were almost a hundred soccer teams playing in the tournament, which meant the Holiday Inn Express we were staying at was filled with under-13 soccer teams...boys and girls.

Now, a weekend like that may sound like H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks to most of you. But for me, it was one thing: Fodder. For. My. Book! I spent Saturday night prying under-13 soccer girls off of my under-13 soccer nephew. (He's adorable, so I couldn't blame them.)

My son was a trooper, and even found ways to pass the time during all the soccer games.

Later this week, since my middle-grade novel is set in Atlanta, I plan to do the following "southern" things in the name of research...

1. Visit a historical section of town to study the architecture.

2. Ride the subway to downtown Atlanta...by myself.

3. And, of course, take a tour of the Centers for Disease Control!

That last one may sound like H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks to most of you, but I can't wait! I'm going to visit the CDC! I'll report back later in the week with more info. And hopefully, with nothing contagious...

Bye, y'all!

- Robin


tammi said...

Who wouldn't be excited about visiting the Center for Disease Control?!

Suzanne Young said...

Are you kidding? All those hyped up kids in one hotel? Sounds dreamy. Did they serve sugar? Oh, I hope they had sugar! haha

Enjoy your time and get lots of good stuff for your book!


Disco Mermaids said...

CDC?? I LOVE the CDC! Are you kidding me? All that Hanta Virus and Plague floating around. Dreamy!

Please don't bring home any Ebola via smuggled rhesus monkey in your suitcase. Thanks!

When do you come home? I've been sitting here twiddling my thumbs since you left. R-Mell...come home!


Katie said...

Welcome to my life :-)

My oldest plays on two such teams, so we are doing the tournament circuit pretty much all year round.

It looks like you're having fun though - and a trip to the CDC sounds dang cool!!

Make sure to OD on all that is southern! Especially sweet tea :-) And I'm with suz, "get lots of good stuff for your book!"


Katy said...

Jay --
I just read your book..
For a while, a lot.. I always thought about suicide and sometimes almost attempted it. I'd get so miserable into a dark hole that all I wanted was to not exist.
But after reading your book, I can really, and honestly say that I never will think of it again as an option.
I think someone, like Hannah, who would take their life, is selfish. I think of all the people, characters in the book, how they would feel after knowing they were one of the reasons why.
Must be terrible.
Your book was kind of my Thirteen Reasons Why Not.. I thought about all the reasons Hannah did take her life, and than I think about all the reasons why not to take my own life.
All the people I would leave behind with so many questions and things left to say, ways to help me or want to reach out to me still. But I'd be gone.
I could never do that. I think suicide is selfish. You're only thinking about yourself, instead of other people, other lives you've touched.
So, thanks. Your book has changed my life.

Disco Mermaids said...

Wow! Katy, there's not much more I can say than that. Thank you.


- Jay

P.S. Robin, thanks for the heads up. I was about to buy Luke that exact same Barbie doll for Christmas. I guess I've gotta keep looking now...

hardystudios said...

Glad to see the "y'all"!


Alex White said...

Well well well. i found your blog! I've never blogged before. is replying to your's considered blogging? Am I doing this right? Anyway, this is quite exciting for me...now about all your plans. I know you rode the marta train but did you do the other two things? Speaking as a fellow Atlanta native there really is nothing more exciting to do here than to tour the CDC. I hope you made it!