Friday, August 22, 2008

I Want My RGZ TV -- Jay

I love TV! Some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around watching holiday cartoon specials. (Seriously, how did Snoopy get that scrawny li'l Christmas tree to sprout branches just by waving his hands in front of it?) And in college, if I had trouble falling asleep, I would put on QVC and slowly fade into dreamland while watching a woman (who was always a little too composed for me to fully trust her) try to sell me sweaters and knives.

But...and here's the part which usually gets me labeled weird...I haven't owned a TV in six years. And I don't miss it! As long as Mom and Dad invite me over on Survivor night, and as long as I can catch The Daily Show online, I'm fine.

Plus, those fabulous Readergirlz just launched rgz TV where I can watch interviews with some of my favorite YA authors. So far, they've got Rachel Cohn, Sonya Sones, and Paula Yoo available for my viewing pleasure whenever I want them.

Oh, and I'm on there, too. But I refuse to listen to my own video because I would just obsess over my words for the next several weeks and I'd need that composed woman from QVC to help me fall asleep.

- Jay

Dork Admission: I did watch my video with the sound off, though. How come no one ever told me I talk with my hands that much?


Sarah Michele said...

Wow, the girl reading with Jay sounded EXACTLY how I imagined Hannah to sound when I read the book. And geez, is that 13 Reasons Why in paperback?! When did this happen?! I guess my Barnes & Noble's a little delayed on updating shelves and whatnot.

Lorie Ann Grover said...

Hey Jay!

I can say your interview with sound is amazing! I loved getting to hear your voice. You can sleep well.

And Sarah Michele, the girl reading with Jay is the amazing blogger/actress/webdiva/postergirl for rgz, Little Willow. Very cool she sounds like Hannah, right?

Lorie Ann ~rgz diva/author

Disco Mermaids said...

Yes, while we were reading, I was very impressed with Little Willow's interpretation. She's definitely a pro!

And that wasn't the actual paperback of 13RW. It was the review copy that gets sent around before the book's release. The paperback won't be out till next year. But I'm glad you're excited about its release. I am, too!

- Jay

hollycupala said...

It was really fun to interview you, Jay (and yeah, you totally talk with your hands - just kidding! I make funny faces!). Thanks again. Little Willow was fantastic - gave me chills live, and every time I have seen the vid.

LizR said...

Great interview, and I agree, Little Willow did a fantastic job reading.

Very much looking forward to your next book :).


Little Willow said...

Hey Jay! Thanks for taking part in rgz tv. I'm so glad that we were able to chat with you at the event. You're not alone; I'm not a big fan of watching myself either. I gesture a great deal when I talk - and I talk a great deal!

Sarah Michele: Wow. Thank you so much.

Thank you all for the kind words. I am really, really flattered.

Anonymous said...

Jay, there is absolutely nothing wrong with talking with your hands. I think it shows passion, or some other really cool personality trait! Lamy