Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Acknowledgements -- Jay

The AudioCake

The Spread

The Guests

The Reading
(my mom - me - my wife)

The Stand-Up DISCOmedy Show

I wrote a good portion of 13 Reasons Why while sipping coffee at Linnaea’s CafĂ©. It’s our town’s artsy-vibe coffee shop. A few scenes in my book are even set there. So that’s where we celebrated the sale of my first book.

The turn-out was awesome. Every time a new person arrived, my arms uncontrollably flew open...I just couldn’t stop the huggin’. The librarian delegation was in full-force, as was the local children’s lit. community (including Elizabeth Spurr, Stephanie Roth, and Emily Jiang--last year’s SCBWI Sue Alexander Award Winner!). For me, a highlight was having my college Children's Lit. Appreciation teacher in attendance...the whole reason I got into this mess to begin with.

The first thing I planned to do when I stepped on stage was to eloquently announce that my first book would be dedicated to my wife. But it was hard to speak eloquently with a clenched throat and tears warping my vision (thankfully, no one called me a wussy). Then my wife, my mom, and I did a full-cast reading of the first 13 pages. My critique group, S.L.O.W. for Children (San Luis Obispo Writers for Children), presented me with an amazing set of bookends adorned with--what else--mermaids. Robin and Eve jumped on stage and had everyone busting up with their hilarious list titled 13 Reasons Why 13 Reasons Why will be an Award-Winning Bestseller. Then came even more tears (I was so dehydrated by the time this thing was over) as I thanked those in attendance that will be featured on my acknowledgements page (followed later in the evening by more tears when I realized I forgot to mention my mom, my dad, and my brother...D’oh!).

Of course, there won’t be any more First Book parties for me. But I’m sure the Disco Mermaids, as a group, will be throwing a couple more in the very near future.

- Jay

13 Reasons Why 13 Reasons Why will be an Award-Winning Bestseller

1. The voice in this book is so authentic. Probably because Jay himself was a depressed teenage girl growing up.
2. Eve and Robin have already signed on to star in the movie!
3. Jay got such a big advance, he could use all that money to buy bunches of copies to ensure that it will be on the bestseller list.
4. In the movie, Robin is going to play the role of the sweet, loving middle aged high school counselor. Eve will play the part of 17-year old Hannah!
5. In the book there is a beautiful poem written by his wife. And there’s an actual recording of the poem as a song...sung by his wife, not by Jay!
6. In the movie, the role of Clay will be played by Colin Ferrell and he and Eve will have a big make-out scene. Only they’ll have to shoot the scene again and again to get it just right.
7. Jay wrote almost the entire book at a coffee shop…at THIS coffee shop, Linnaea’s, not at a Starbucks!
8. So, in the movie when Colin Ferrell and Eve make out, the film will get stolen and end up on the internet and then later in video stores for only $49.99! (But Jay will get 15%)
9. Jay worked so hard on this book, he stayed up late many nights revising and pulling his hair out!
10. In the movie, the ending will be changed from the book’s ending and Eve will walk up in a gorgeous Armani dress (couture, of course) and Colin Ferrell will burst into the room and Eve will say, “You had me at ‘hello.’” And Colin will say, “I wish I knew how to quit you!” And then there will be a huge explosion and Robin will run in and say, “Run, Forest, run!”
11. This book had better be a bestseller, that way Jay can justify all his time spent lurking in the teen section at Barnes & Noble doing “research.”
12. When Roger Ebert reviews the movie, he’ll say: “The plot? Stunning! The emotion? Stunning! The ending? Stunning! Eve Porinchak as 17-year old Hannah? Not so stunning.
13. And the 13th reason why 13 Reasons Why will be a bestseller…It’s Awesome!! (woo-hoo!)


Anonymous said...

Congrats! That was so good seeing the pictures. I only have the photo of us from the SCBWI Beach Bash 2005 and thought you all had green or magenta hair ;-)

I hope to see you at some book bar-mitzpha/wedding/cocktail party in the near future. I call them that because it's the cbook family get togethers with the mishpucha (yiddish for extended family). I went to one last night at the Children's Book Council and missed the Disco Mermaids there.


Melanie Hope Greenberg = Salty Madonna (my mermaid name)

Disco Mermaids said...
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Disco Mermaids said...

This is hilarious. One of my former library co-workers put his party cup up for bid on eBay. If you want it, you only have till November 19th, so move fast!


Anonymous said...

That former employee would be me, and if your interesting in that once used cup, you can find it on Ebay and search for 270054563383. This product is a one of a kind, and every mermaid should have their own. Blue on the outside, white on the inside (after rinsing). Buy now, its going fast.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing your special evening on the blog. I feel as if I was there. One thing is for sure, you must be the most beloved new author in the state of California!!

Disco Mermaids said...

Thanks, Carolyn. I definitely feel blessed by all the support I've been given over the years.

Okay, gotta go...I'm getting all choked up again.

- Jay

Anonymous said...

I'll pass on the cup.

But, I envisioned that signature on millions of books.

How's that?

Salty Madonna

a proud father said...

Jay, it was great to see the gathering of writers, illustrators and people who have showed their support for your love of writing! I was especially impressed to meet and talk to Emily Jiang (a recent Sue Alexander award winner) who drove down from the San Francisco area to show her support.
Im sure people enjoyed the picture on this blog of the DiscoMermaids together UNMASKED!
It was hard but I kept my earplugs out during the reading. In case pople care to know or not, I know very little of this book and can't wait to buy it off the shelf at a bookstore and read it. After the reading, I am more eager for that moment!

Disco Mermaids said...

Okay, you're dad is officially adorable.
The party was fantastic and Jay is truly an amazing public speaker. Everyone was riveted!
I just wanted to point out that Eve and I were wearing matching Disco Mermaid t-shirts (well, almost; she had pink sleeves, I had blue) and they were adorned with that awesome logo that Don Tate made for us. We also presented Jay with his own t-shirt, except it's gray and all big and manly, of course. So thanks, Don!
And thanks to you, Jay. I plan to auction off my leftover cake icing on ebay and make big bucks! Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

I do believe it's time for someone to step up and begin a H(W)OCL list!
Fuse#8 has her list.
Who wants to step up and begin?
JACKETFLAP, Don Tate II, or .....?
I have two to begin with, Robin and Eve! (and of course Fuse#8).
JAY would have to be kept off the list of course because his wife may not be too thrilled!

Disco Mermaids said...

I second that motion to create a Hot Women of Children's Literature list. And please let me know when it gets started because I have some wonderfully embarrassing pics of Eve and Robin that must be included.

- Jay

P.S. I'm dying to know who left that last comment. E-mail me privately if you must.

Don Tate II said...

Jay, you guys are having just too much fun! Congrats again.

And, me do a H(W)OCL. I'd love to, sounds interesting. But I just got my blog out of hot water with the, uh...sensitive folks. I ain't that brave no more. But, yes, would be cool if someone did. Fuse #8 and Robin and Eve --ooh, la, la!- They got my vote!

Anonymous said...

Dear Disco Mermaids,

What a splendid event! I'm tempted to bid on the cup, but I have my fun Disco Mermaid pin as proof I was there, so I think I'll restrain myself. I had such a great time, it was and totally worth the trek. You've inspired me to start blogging again. Congrats, Jay!


PS - here's my blog, in case you're curious: http://emilyjiang.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Will there be a bloody shirt in the movie? Lamy

Disco Mermaids said...
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Disco Mermaids said...

Yes, it was a wonderful day! Jay's speeches were hilarious and hearfelt at the same time.

Cake was great, guests had fun, Robin and I cracked everyone up....ah, good times.

And for those not "in the know" Amy's "bloody shirt" comment is not some sick and twisted reference to something in Jay's book...it is a reference to BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN...my favorite movie of the year. I wailed uncontrollably at the bloody shirt scene.