Sunday, November 19, 2006

Celeb Sightings! -- Eve

WARNING: While respecting artistic license in creative nonfiction is important, the following post may go too far. Eve tends to do that sometimes. So, in an attempt to avoid offending anyone or becoming "Frey-ed" for embellishing, I offer this disclaimer: This story is totally and completely TRUE up to the point where the Pretty Red-haired Gal walks up and says, "Um, hi." The rest is embellished and made up for the purpose of making fun of Eve and Jay and the fact that they are celebrities in their own minds. Read at your own risk. (The writer who approached Eve and Jay is a lovely and talented woman who was a joy to meet and chat with. She was not really starstruck, nor is she married to Colin Ferrell. Eve tends to include Colin Ferrell in all her stories for some reason.)

Last night while Jay and I clacked away at our computers at our little table by the window in Linnaea’s…our local downtown coffee haunt where we write all our books…a celebrity was spotted! Actually, two celebs. No, three. At our very own Linnaea’s!

After several silent hours of intense mind spinning and typing (Jay’s deadline for his first edits of 13 REASONS WHY is in one week!) our eerily quiet writing session was pleasantly interrupted by a pretty, young, red-haired gal who I had previously noticed cruising by a few times.

She slowly approached us and said, “Um, hi. Are you, by chance…well, are you the writer, Jay Asher?”

JAY (in a slow, deep voice several octaves lower than his usual one): Why, yes. Yes I am.

PRG (Pretty Red-Haired Gal): You’re in the Class of 2K7! I’m in the Class of 2K7!! I’ve read all about you. And your struggles, and your agent, and your auction. I’m Autumn Cornwell. I live in L.A. and I have a book coming out, too.

JAY: Of course I’ll sign an autograph. My book isn’t out yet…and I’m sure you’ll buy several copies when it comes out. But here’s a Linnaea’s napkin with my John Hancock on it. Run along now. I must continue writing. And no pictures, please.

AUTUMN (aforementioned PRG): Um, thanks. But I just wanted to introduce myself and…Oh My God! (looks at Eve) Are you…one of the MERMAIDS??

EVE (in a slow deep voice to match Jay’s): Why, yes. Yes I am. I have no book coming out yet. But would you like an autograph anyway? Or a picture? How ‘bout a picture? (Eve whips out a camera) Or my used coffee cup? Would you like to take home my used coffee cup? You can keep it!

AUTUMN: Um, K. Thanks.


AUTUMN: Well, I’ve got to be going now. We were just passing through on our way home. My husband’s waiting for me. Um…bye. (Autumn goes out to the garden area to retrieve her husband and it’s COLIN FERRELL! OMG!!! They exit.)

And it’s all true! Okay, the beginning part is true. We really did meet AUTUMN CORNWELL in the coffee shop, and she really is in the Class of 2k7. And you really should check out her website and debut book coming out in September 2007! Coolest title ever…CARPE DIEM. It’s an adventure story set in Southeast Asia involving backpacking and squat toilets! I LOVE squat toilets!!

Great meeting you, Autumn. It was so much fun chatting. We must hang out again sometime when you’re not busy with your baby or your writing or traveling or hanging out with Colin Ferrell! Carpe Diem!!

- Eve


Disco Mermaids said...

Seriously, how weird was that! In the entire counrty, there are only 39 Class of 2k7 members. And two of them just happen to run into each other. It woulda been different if we were at a conference or something...but we were just sippin' coffee.


- Jay

P.S. Autumn Cornwell. Doesn't that name just scream Bestselling Author?

Cynthia said...


Cynthia said...

Okay, I am NOT figuring this messaging thingy out. Trying again.

Jay is so lucky, I hope he's got his lotto tickets. Autumn knew where to come, I'll bet. Word of Jay has spread. That is cool.

And Eve, I remember you missing dinner in LA one year because Pam Anderson (I call her that now that I know who she is) was signing her book and you wanted a picture. You got a picture. Stars hover not far from you. So, okay, hate to ask it. Who is Colin Ferrell?
I'm thinking Hollywood? No, maybe a singer?
But his wife,Autumn, is a writer! A writer! What is better than a writer? A published writer!!!

Disco Mermaids said...

Hey Cynthia!

Actually, Autumn was the only REAL celeb in the story. (Oh, yeah, and Jay too!) I embellished a little...Her husband isn't really Colin Ferrell. I made that part up, as I always include Colin Ferrell in my made up stories.

He's a very fine actor, and I love him. You know, "Phone Booth", "New World", "SWAT". No? Not ringing a bell? We MUST have a Colin Ferrell movie night soon, Cynthia!!


Cynthia said...

Got ya, Eve. I was there when you and Robin read your "13 reasons why" and I remember how you loved the Colin Ferrell parts. You are so cute!

But hey, I love that warning.

So I'm not the only fantasy writer in our writing workshop!

Autumn Cornwell said...

FOR SALE: Jay-signed napkin and Eve-used coffee cup – going to the highest bidder. Now’s your chance to own a genuine piece of Children’s Lit History before I list them on E-bay! (Hey, I wanna send Baby Dexter to college, don’t I?)

Oh, yes, Jay and Eve TRIED to write at the coffee shop incognito in their floppy hats and Jackie-O glasses, but being the professional YA author stalker I am, I quickly recognized them. (And Robin, don’t think YOU’RE safe!)

P.S. But really – it was super cool to meet you two… and how surreal! I’m totally looking forward to hanging out with all three of you in the near future. And continued GOOD LUCK on your journey to publication!

P.P.S. Gotta go – Colin wants his dinner.

- Autumn