Tuesday, November 28, 2006

All Around the Table—Robin

I didn’t take a picture, but if you went left to right around my table on Thanksgiving you would have seen the following: a priest, a hairdresser, a photographer (sorry…photojournalist), a social worker, a graphic designer (two of them actually), my adorable mother and me, the children’s book writer. Oh, and there was my four-year old who blurted out during the blessing, “I’m done with my turkey. I want cake!” God bless him.

So what did we talk about during dinner? My life as a children’s book writer. Not welfare or photos or designing pages for photos or God or hair. Just me. Maybe the fact that I pouted in the corner with my arms folded and shouted, “ME! ME! I want to talk about ME!” had something to do with it. Not sure.

Events like these sometimes turn into what I like to call “a case of Rowling-itis.” Where well meaning people say such things as, “Wow, you’re going to be all famous…like that Harry Potter lady!”

“Why, yes,” I say. “Right after I dethrone the queen and then dethrone Miss Hawaii.” Hopefully she has one of those VERY stretchy bathing suits. The queen that is, not Miss Hawaii. (Oh! She went there!)

Little do these lovely people know that I’d be happy with $3.50 and a bookmarker, if they’d just sell my book! No, that’s really not true. I need enough money to buy a Nintendo Wii, or else I’ll never write again. Honest.

But then I think, “Hey! I deserve to be as successful as that Harry Potter lady! I’m tall…and blonde…and write in coffee shops! It’s time to dethrone someone!”

Okay, fine. My plan is to dethrone the night manager at the local Radio Shack and then tackle the Snow Queen during the Christmas parade. But I’m on my way!

I have a feeling the conversation around the table during Thanksgiving next year will be much different. “God bless this Nintendo Wii. Let’s eat cake!”



Don Tate II said...

Its funny, we ate dinner with the wife's family, many of whom are teachers. But when I bring up the subject of children's books, they look at me like I'm crazy -- uninterested, big time. And then they say things like: How can I get one of those books you wrote? For one thing, I didn't write those books, and for another, ain't they ever heard of libraries, or bookstores?

But I was nice. Just discussed relevant things, like who in the family has built the biggest house in the last year.

Lisa said...

We have a wii! My kids did the saving part, I did the standing-in-line-at-6:00 am part.

Weeeeee, it is SO fun! I hope your book sells SOON so you get one! :)

Disco Mermaids said...

What the hell is Nintendo Willi? Is he related to Free Willy? Seriously! What, do I live under a rock? Or have I just been working too hard on my new novel?? Hmm? Hmm??

And Don Tate is so dang funny! I laughed out loud at his comment!


Disco Mermaids said...

I guess you've been watching too many episodes of Masterpiece Theater and not enough trashy TV! It is NOT a "Willy" as you so boldly put it. (There are other things I could say here, but I am a professional.)
It's a new video game system that uses a sensor...oh, never mind! Will you just call me and we can talk!? That is if you can get out from that rock you're under...

Anonymous said...

I'm not under any rock but have seen the fighting and crowds trampling each other to get some expensive junky plastic toy, then have it be outmoded in one year. What are we teaching children if we act like fools to fall for phony advertising and consumerism, then act like neanderthals to obtain the object of that momentary desire?

BTW, as an almost 20 year vet of school visits, after doing them for a while you will get sick of the ME ME. After a while your questions to others about THEM THEM become a relief when the spotlight is off you.

Melanie Hope Greenberg