Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rub-a-Dub-Dub -- Jay

On the phone. At home. In the coffee shop. Wherever two or more Disco Mermaids gather, there you shall find talk of children’s books…mostly in regards to writing them or convincing editors and agents to read them. Recently, here’s how conversations have started:

“So, Jay, how’s the editing going? Did your brilliant editor have any more incredible ideas on how to make your book even better?”

“Eve, has your brilliant agent heard from any of the editors yet?”

“Robin, have you decided which agent you’re leaning towards? You know, which is the most brilliant?”

And honestly, it’s been getting kind of stressful. True, even before our run of Disco Mermaid luck all we ever talked about was writing. But lately, it’s been almost too much. Not only do we stress for ourselves, we stress for each other. In fact, Robin’s husband noticed this and told us we should get together, hang out, and not talk shop. That was followed by a three-person chorus of, “Not possible!”

Earlier this week, Robin and I went to Eve’s house to write the third installment of our Fondue Friday series. First, of course, we had to eat. So we barbequed some chicken and sat down for a nice meal where we talked about our families, our childhood dining rituals, music, and politics. But we didn’t talk about books.

Then our attention drifted through the dining room window to the beautiful rock Jacuzzi recently built into Eve’s backyard. Did I mention the waterfall yet? No, I don’t think I did. This thing has a waterfall and a wading pool and is absolutely beautiful. So we took a dip into the bubbling water and talked about things we haven’t talked about in approximately forever. Then we sat around the fire pit (also rock, beautiful, and new!) and laughed while Eve tried to keep the fire burning without getting smoke in her eyes.

“Not possible!”

Basically, we got reacquainted as friends who also happen to write children’s books. Truly a beautiful evening...spent in a hot tub with two beautiful women!*

- Jay

*Fine! Robin and Eve are making me say that Eve's husband and Robin's son were also in the Jacuzzi. Geez! No one appreciates creative nonfiction anymore.


Lisa Yee said...

Lots of authors, in fact most that I know, get together and don't talk about writing.

Instead, we talk about "not writing." As in, "Urgggg, I have a deadline and am totally blocked!!!"

Disco Mermaids said...

Jay, I just knew you'd find a way to get it in our blog that you hot-tubbed with two hot girls!

We actually did a pretty good job of talking about "non-writing" stuff. So good, in fact, that we completely forgot to write out Fondue Friday!!

Maybe it had something to do with the food coma, relaxing hot water and pink drinks.

Good Times!