Thursday, November 02, 2006

DMs are Forever -- Jay

Truthfully, I never felt a lot of peer pressure as a teen. But I kept waiting for it because every teacher from late elementary school through high school warned me it was coming. I kept waiting to hear the words What, are you chicken? or Everybody's doing it. Peer pressure was like the boogy man who never showed up.

Till now...

Eve wants the Disco Mermaids to get matching tattoos...maybe one of the art pieces found in our sidebar under Disco Designs. Every time I laugh at her suggestion, she asks if it’s because I’m not committed to the group (read: my peers). But my wife has wanted us to get matching tattoos for years. I can’t possibly say no to my wife and yes to Eve, right? Eve’s response: Why not?

Thankfully, this story has a hero. Earlier this week, an author/illustrator e-mailed the Disco Mermaids to let us know we'll have a cameo in her upcoming picture book. Melanie Hope Greenberg met us at the SCBWI National Conference two years ago when we dressed as mermaids for the after hours Beach Bash. At the time, she'd just started working on a book inspired by the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island. She saw it as a good omen that the three of us won first place in the costume contest that year. Five months later, her book sold to Putnam. The Disco Mermaids will appear atop a float on Surf Avenue. Look for it in Spring 2008!

So Eve, Robin, and I are going to be permanently bound together within the pages of a book. Books hold up a lot longer than tattoos. Books aren't painful to get (read: no blood). And should something unimaginable come between us, books are easy to hide.

Does that satisfy you, Eve?

- Jay

What's that? You wanna know how the editing of my book's coming along? This week my editor approved the revised outline and I’ve been given the go-ahead to revise the actual manuscript. And I’ve gotta say, her suggestions are going to make 13 Reasons Why ten times more powerful. No...thirteen times more powerful!


Anonymous said...

Don't give in to the pressure! Don't do it, Jay! (You know you will. Come on, do it. Everyone is.)


Lisa Albert said...

Hey, DM's! Not sure if you peruse my site at all but, I've been planning to commemmorate my novel with a tattoo. I hope to get it in LA in '07!

I love the idea of you three getting tattoos!

Anonymous said...

Books don't sag as much with age.

Think about that, Jay. You. 82 years old in the porch swing with your loverly wife. What exactly do you expect that tattoo to look like when you doff your shirt? Oh - I mean, your pants? Could be another image altogether, eh? Eh?

Stick with the book.

~Anonymous Priest