Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shaking My Pompoms—Robin

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of pompom shaking. Jay’s first book was sold, Eve signed on with an agent, and then there’s Michigan football.

But when I’m not doing air splits for my friends or shakin’ my tail for the Wolverines, I’m trying to do my part to step out of both Jay AND Eve’s lovely shadows and make a name for myself. So what if that name happens to be Coat Tail Rider #2? It’s a name!!

A few weeks ago I reported that I had a great moment in front of a Denny’s. An agent had read the first few chapters of my manuscript and loved it. She wanted to see it. Right away! I was ecstatic!

Little did I know that I would be having that same in-front-of-Denny’s-feeling again and again in the coming days. Just this past week, I’ve had not ONE, not TWO, not THREE…but FOUR agents interested in my manuscript! Woohoo! Get those pompoms out Disco Mermaids!

It’s been a great feeling to know that other professionals in the field think my work is good. That maybe all those nights shut in my office, writing and giggling may finally pay off.

I’ve decided I only have four requirements of an agent:
1. They must love, love, love my book.
2. They must ignore all the parts they do not love, love, love about my book.
3. They must love getting chocolates as Christmas gifts.
4. They must love giving chocolates as Christmas gifts.

While I’m happy to be courting four agents, I also feel like I’m cheating on a lover…or four lovers! (Which I know nothing about, so how could I possibly even think I’d know what that feels like!) It’s just weird to be interviewing THEM to find the perfect one for me.

But the answer will become clear soon enough…and you’ll be the first to know.



Jessica said...

Yeah, Robin! You keep on courting until you find the right agent.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Robin! I just got asked out on a "date" too. Here's hoping we both end up in long-term, loving relationships.

- Anne

tammi said...


Anonymous said...

YAY Robin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow 2006 has been a good year!
(the clay lady)

Nancy said...

YAY Robin!

(Did you all sign the same deal with the devil, and when you did, did you at least get the group rate?)

Lisa Albert said...

Robin! Way to go! No coat-tail riding for you! Congrats on all the interest.

Debby G. said...

Wow, wow, wow!

Disco Mermaids said...

Thanks for the fun comments everyone. It's great to have so much support.


Gregory K. said...

I don't support you at all, Robin, j ust so you know. Go... just go find an agent, already. I swear. Dragging it along for blog fodders. Sheesh.


P.S. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Don Tate II said...

Dang, good karma around here. Need a black, merman?

Kelly Fineman said...

I hope they all send you chocolates as part of the wooing process -- that way you get to see what they're all about: Godiva or Hershey? Lindt or Toblerone? Scharffenberger or, well, you get the idea.