Monday, November 27, 2006

Freaky -- Jay

13 Reasons Why
this newspaper photo is so cool
  1. It was taken at Linnaea’s Café.
  2. On any day of the week, you can walk into Linnaea’s and find at least one Disco Mermaid diligently writing.
  3. My book party was held at Linnaea’s.
  4. Linnaea is in the photo.
  5. The other lady in the photo (Marianne - the new owner) helped me set up for the party.
  6. Perfectly framed between the ladies, inside the window, is me.
  7. If you look closely, you can see a colorful design on my t-shirt. It’s the Disco Mermaid logo (a gift from Robin and Eve).
  8. You can sort of see my laptop, upon which I am diligently revising 13 Reasons Why.
  9. This proves to my editor that I am diligently revising 13 Reasons Why.
  10. At this point, two hours in, I still look calm and focused.
  11. Four hours later, when I called it a night, I still felt relatively calm (though a little less focused).
  12. There are three scenes in 13 Reasons Why set at Linnaea’s (though in my book it’s called Monet’s).
  13. In one scene, my main male character sits at a table near the window overlooking the garden patio.

Freaky? Yes, I know!

- Jay


Anonymous said...

How dignified Jay. Typing away at some Super Freak Cafe. So lucky, you can get out there invovled with civiliation.

Picturebook illustrators have wardrobes of comfy pajama clothes for staying in while we toil away.

I paint in my chiffon pj's on special occasions.

Keep up the good work and send the photo to your editor. LOL.

Melanie Hope Greenberg

Lisa Yee said...

How do we know it's really you, and not just a poster of you so that we will only think it's really you, but it's not?

Disco Mermaids said...

Great idea, Melanie. The next time I go to Linnaea's, I'm wearin' my pajamas!

And Lisa, you're makin' my head hurt. Stop it!

- Jay

Anonymous said...

Please post a photo of that!


Heather Brewer said...

Okay, that is seriously cool! Plus, you have PROOF that you're not procrastinating...

Note to self: bribe a newspaper reporter to photograph me writing, then show it to editor. :)

Anonymous said...

Do they make you buy your coffee by the hour? That's seriously a lot of table time.

Gregory K. said...

That is lovely 13 part symmetry, Jay. But you shouldn't be Jay since it's called Monet's in your book. You should be... uh... someone else who looks the same and stuff.

Yeah. That's it.

rita said...

Man, that is sweet.