Saturday, December 23, 2006

Aaaaaaaah -- Jay

This feels nice. Veeeeeery niiiiiiiiiiiice!

After staying up way too late every night for the past several weeks working on my revisions, my edits are finally done. How do I know they're done? Cuz my lovely editor told me so.

Our phone call had been scheduled for the past few days and I couldn't wait to hear what she thought of my revisions. Still, part of me was a little worried. What if she said, "No. No, no, no! This is all wrong. Christmas? Bah! You're spending the weekend revising...again." But that's not how it happened.

We spent about 90 minutes going over every change that I made to the manuscript based on her recommendations. She was happy with about 85% of the changes, we further tweaked about 10% of the changes, and about 5% of her suggestions that I didn't take originally, I ended up making after being convinced as to why she was right (which she's very good at doing).

And then, while we were on the phone, she e-mailed me the cover art. What can I say? I love it! I spent the rest of the day with chills because...well...I really really love it! I could tell my editor was afraid to show it to me because she hedged a bit before sending it. The artist didn't do what either of us originally thought would make a great cover. But I guess that's why he works the magic on the cover while we work the magic between the covers (there's a bumper sticker for ya!).

I'll post the cover art in a week or so and I'll tell you then why I love it so much. But until then, here's the cool new way my title will be written on the cover:




Kelly Fineman said...

LOVE the numbers buried in the title. Way cool. Congrats on being done with revisions -- now it's on to other things, at least until the line edits arrive.

Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!!!!! Merry Christmas, Jay. Lamy

Lisa said...

Oh, that title is SO cool that way. I can't wait to see the cover!!!

Now go and have yourself a merry gigantic Christmas! You deserve it!

Lisa Yee said...

Happy Holidays to all the Disco Mermaids!!!!

(Love the title art/font.)

Steph said...

high coolness factor there in that title!

Merry Christmas and happy everything!