Monday, December 04, 2006

Happy Gift Xchange

Today, our extended writing group is getting together for our Annual Holiday Lunch & Gift Xchange. Members of S.L.O.W. for Children (San Luis Obispo Writers for Children...catchy, eh?), both past and present, will meet downtown for some serious grub and merriment.

Each person brings a wrapped children's book, new or lightly used. One at a time, we pick one out of the pile, open it, and the next person can either steal that book or open their own. It can all get pretty nasty and evil, but it's always fun.

This year's get-together is extra noteworthy for the Disco Mermaids. It's an anniversary, of sorts. In Eve's car last year, after the grub and merriment, the three of us put our heads together and came up with the idea for this three-person blog.

And a couple days later...we went live!

But more on that in a couple days.

So, what children's book are you hoping to receive (or steal) this holiday season?


Steph said...

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves...I'm in love with that book right now. Have you seen it?

What a great gift exchange!

Anonymous said...

Dear Santa,

Please send your elves to help this shoemaker finish painting her book on time.

All the Best even though I'm a Hindjew and don't really celebrate christmas or chanukka anymore,

Melanie Hope Greenberg

ps hey disco mermaids,
I think I'm the only 'outsider', not in your scbwi CA group, to be writing in. Hope that is ok. Is this blog for your group only???????

Disco Mermaids said...

Yes, Steph, I have seen Fletcher and the Falling Leaves. We got it at our library a couple weeks ago...and it is beautiful. Nice choice!

And Melanie, we love your comments. Stick around! (And I put in a good word to the elves for ya.)

- Jay

Don Tate II said...

Welp, I've got my The dePaola Code, and no one can have it!

lisa said...

I don't know - you guys have done such a good job promoting the books coming out in 2007, those are the only ones I can think of that I want!

Maybe gift cards are the ticket so I can buy the ones I want throughout the year. :)

Cynthia said...

It was a grand lunch wasn't it Eve? We might be S.L.O.W. but we're steady when it comes to writing.

We had 11 of our members there. Although we slaughtered the Italian words on the menu. Well, some of us did. We had some good food and laughs and talk.

This was a good year for our group. Many of us finished books, started others and, of course, one of us sold a book!Guess who? Two found agents--Splish and Splash!Oops, I used their Mer names. Eve and Robin.

There were contests winners and placers. And a bunch of memories of Writer's Days and Conferences and more shared events. It is a hard-working, stellar group for sure.

I got the best book, stole it--
The Looking Glass Wars.