Sunday, December 17, 2006

Final Edit -- Jay

Right now, my editor’s sunning herself down in Mexico. Meanwhile, I’ve been getting home from the library (my day job) around 5:30, then staring at my computer till 12:30 every night. And I’ll be doing that every night till my editor gets back because this is it! I’m working through the final line edit before they print up Advance Reader Copies. Oh, and I’m sick. I got sick right before the edit arrived and, due to the lack of sleep, haven’t had the chance to get well.

And I’m loving it!

Here’s the e-mail I sent Eve and Robin the night (or morning) I finished that first stretch of revising:

It's amazing to think that the changes I'm doing now are the final details that'll end up in a book that's going to be sold in bookstores around the country. Seriously, it's a mindtrip. And all the changes are pretty small, but they are making a difference. A lot of them (and I'm glad she did this) are the little turns of phrases that I thought were so cute but actually probably took the reader out of the story. So I'm just yankin' them out. I'd say about 20% of her suggestions I'm not taking. But 80% is pretty amazing for a book that's been gone over so many times. It's almost 1 o'clock now and I've gotta get up soon, but I am having so much fun.

I can't wait for you two to experience this...which you will!
Right now, the only person I love more than my editor is my wife. I apologized to her yesterday for not doing my part around the house. “You’ve been doing all the cooking and cleaning and everything,” I said, “while I’ve been upstairs having fun editing my book.”

She smiled and said, “See, you’re doing your part.”

And that’s reason #27 why this book is dedicated to her.

- Jay


Anonymous said...

My deadline is the best holiday/birthday present I ever had. My socializing right now is tethered to a very short leash. What is cool is that I can get out late to some holiday party and see friends and community. I gang up all errands, groceries in one fell swoop out of the studio. You are lucky to have someone who picks up the slack. I'm single right now (anyone know anyone? I can hardly get out in the atmosphere anymore) try painting and rewriting and cooking, cleaning, and even grooming. I'm literally brain dead from all the details at the end of the day.
I often wonder how in our business which is 3/4 women how they handle all this plus children. Superheroes.

Melanie Hope Greenberg

Disco Mermaids said...

I agree with Melanie...not that I actually have kids or deadlines, etc. But I do wonder how regular folk like you, Jay, get everything done with only 24 hours in a day!! You're my hero. (Cue the Bette Midler song...)

I kept that e-mail you sent us too! Only you didn't say "Mind TRIP". HA!!


Disco Mermaids said...

While it's fun to finally say, "Oh, so this is what it's like to have a deadline," I still can't imagine how authors who have several books coming out a year do it.

And I knew you were gonna call me out on the slight revision to my e-mail, Eve. Hmm... Maybe I should post that picture of you and Robin doing the Running Man at the hotel last summer! That sounds like fair payback, dontcha think? Tee-hee!

- Jay

Anonymous said...

Hi Eve and Jay,

I think once the pace steps up one goes from being the racehorse to being the thouroughbred. Juggling takes skill and organization.

Also...there is always some pile awaiting my attention somewhere pre and post and during production. Pile of papers to file, pile of mail to send, a pile of dishes to wash. It's all a payoff. Somethings must get neglected as I get to each pile within human possiblity.

Betty Crocker or Suzie Homemaker NOT from Brooklyn, Melanie

Don Tate II said...

Six-figure book advances have that effect on spouses when it comes to household chores. If my wife had a two-book deal, I'd wash the dishes and shut my mouth, and say: "Hey baby, I'm loving this."

Anonymous said...

Six figures????????? Kidding?

I've been in this biz 20 years and just starting to get what others seem to be getting and it ain't six figures, let me assure everyone. Live in a small rent stabilized apartment to stay afloat all these years and live simply.

I would so love the man who scrubbed my tub, whether he will do it for love or my salary is in question though. Salary =off he goes in the dumpster for being so greedy and shallow.

xo Melanie, lunch over, back to the desk.

SilberBook-Blog said...


and remember to breathe. Seriously. when I'm on deadline I get all "shallow breathy"....

slow deep breaths


Disco Mermaids said...


I went to bed at 12:30 a.m. and didn't wake up till 1:30 p.m. For a grand total of 13 hours sleep, baby! Now it's back to editing...though I can't shake this groggy feeling.

- Jay