Monday, December 11, 2006

Silly Putty Me -- Jay

A few weeks ago, I sat down for my first post-contract interview. A reporter for a local newspaper heard about my book sale and (since I live in a small town) this was considered newsworthy. In fact, the article made its way onto the front page! The only other front page story ran with the headline "Santa Claus tells all: Kris Kringle dishes about snacks, favorite gift requests and naughty or nice." That's right, me and Santa, baby!

Like I said...small town.

The interview was a lot of fun, partly because the reporter herself was a writer (not that writing for a newspaper doesn't count as...oh, you know what I mean). So I didn't have to tell her that, "No, I didn't do my own illustrations" or "No, I'm not able to quit my day job" or "No, I have no plans to write real books for adults." And I’m glad my first interview was with a small newspaper because, during my answers, I often found myself thinking, “Is there any way to say that and sound even stupider? No, probably not.” But, thanks to some fancy editing on the part of the reporter, I think it turned out fairly well. I'd love to hear what you think:

The Adobe Press

(And yes, once again, I’m wearing my Disco Mermaids t-shirt.)

- Jay


Kelly Fineman said...

Excellent photo and story -- I think it's way cool that your local media is giving you lots of press!

Lisa Yee said...

Very nice! However, now that you're newsworthy you will have to conduct yourself properly in public. Or not. Hey! Maybe you can be BFF with Paris Hilton!

Steph said...

Very nice! You know, it's funny how we always think that we come off worse than we actually do. I thought it made you sound inspired and thoughful. This is just the beginning- next interviews: Publishers Weekly, NY Times, Time mag?

PS if you do start hanging out with Paris Hilton, remember to always wear underwear.

Disco Mermaids said...

Steph, I think that's a good rule even if you don't hang out with Paris. I haven't seen any embarrassing clips of children's book authors on YouTube yet...and I don't wanna be the first.

- Jay

Mitali Perkins said...

Nice goatee. Hey, we do have the same agent! She's the best ...