Saturday, December 09, 2006

Super Agent Sends Emails (S.A.S.E.) -- Robin

Recently my awesome agent spent a week hitting the streets of New York shopping manuscripts around. I pictured her in a fabulous velvet cape, swooping into town with life-changing manuscripts in one hand and emergency miniature chocolates in the other. Of course she’d have a darling mask embossed with two A’s in rhinestones.

Awesome hero!

Luckily, a couple of my stories sparked the interest of some publishers who are now reading it. Awesome agent strikes again. Yahoo! And all I have to do is...wait.

But now I find myself becoming an email junkie. I used to be a mailbox junkie.
(mailbox- n. a receptacle that sits at the end of the driveway where a nice man or woman pays a visit every day and drops in packages, cable bills and literature on why exactly your septic tank is causing all those cute migratory birds to die.)

Since Awesome Agent swooped into my life, my whole world has changed! No more SASE’s. No more need to waste my time checking that silly little receptacle!

Now all my updates regarding my manuscript come from my email. And so I find that I just leave my email up all day and hit the refresh button over and over and over...then call up Eve and Jay every five minutes and say, “I got nothin'. How 'bout you?”

So while I spend every free moment pushing that little circular arrow button, my husband keeps mumbling something about the cable getting cut off and that all the cute migratory birds are dying. Like I have time to deal with these little details!

I’m living life in the INBOX, baby!

- Robin


Lisa said...

Hope you get good news SOON!!!! I want another photo essay like Jay did. :)

Disco Mermaids said...

Thanks, Lisa! I'm not sure I'll be able to pull off something as classy as Jay, but my husband is a photographer, so maybe the pictures will turn out well!
(Did I just say "will"... like it's going to happen!? That felt weird. But as my friend Mary Hershey says...visualize!)

Anonymous said...

No velvet cape, I'm afraid (although the "velvet" touch is nice and had me thinking about shopping online, hmm)--I was wearing a lilac trench coat instead. And I loved the way all the editors I mentioned the Disco Mermaids to had heard of you! You're famous! (Now I gotta run...let's see if I can't get some kind of news to email to you today!)--AA (your agent)

Disco Mermaids said...

Like I said, my agent is awesome!!


Don Tate II said...

Sad, but true. I've been living in my inbox much too long. No agents in there, but lots of other interesting things.