Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Blogiversary!!!

to the tune of
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

It was one whole year ago today
Robin, Jay, and Eve said “I know, hey!”
We’ll start a blog about children’s lit.
From three authors, we’d never seen it
So then we introduced to you
The blog you’ve read for one whole year

We’re DiscoMermaids-DOT-blogspot-DOT-com
We hope you have enjoyed our blog
We’re DiscoMermaids-DOT-blogspot-DOT-com
Are there no cool words that rhyme with blog?

(Now you know why we don't write rhyming books.)

One year ago, when we started this blog, we had four main goals:
1. To have fun and keep ourselves inspired.
2. To help us stay in touch with friends and to make new friends in the children's lit. world.
3. To try to be a little "different" and see how many interesting things we can get into before selling a book.
4. To entertain.

Today, here's how we feel we did with each of the above goals:
1. We've had way more fun than we ever imagined. We've each written more than ever. And truly, we've grown closer as friends because of this shared project.
2. At conferences, we've had the chance to meet our readers in person and formed true friendships because of it.
3. Holy cow! Beyond belief. Nine months after starting the blog, we were speaking at the SCBWI national conference as guests of Lisa Yee because of our blog. We were featured on Tomie dePaola's website because of our blog. And Jay got a mighty big head because of our blog.
4. Hopefully you found us a little entertaining.

Also within the past year, all three of us signed with agents and we sold our first book.

So stick with us. Next year should be even better.

- Your Disco Mermaids (Robin, Jay, and Eve)


Lisa Yee said...

Wow, you Mermaids sure do know how to pack a lot into a year.


Lisa Yee said...

Oops. I meant,


SilberBook-Blog said...

Happy anniversary - thanks for laughter, tears and puppies with cancer!


Anonymous said...

Clog, smog, flog, jlog (that's when you blog when you jog), ok I give up.

Happy Blogiversary! Thanks for making me feel welcomed.

I gave your blog a plug to over 800 people on my email list in my last announcement and it's going out again as my booksigning is this Sat in Brooklyn.

Otherwise, I'm glued and stapled to my desk right now painting on deadline.

PS love big heads and mascots....for parades and shows that is ;)

Mermaids are Forever.

Melanie Hope Greenberg

Heather said...

I am nowhere even close to being a published children's writer, but I stumbled across your blog several months ago, and I love it! Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us in blogland. You've definitely encouraged me to keep pursuing my dreams. Plus, your stories are a lot of fun!

Debby G said...

Happy blogiversary!

Steph said...

The Disco Mermaids have made the internet a better place- Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary! May the next year hold even more wonderful things for you!!!


Disco Mermaids said...

Thanks for all of the congratulations. It's been a great year and we've met the world's most wonderful people.

But somehow I missed out on the honeymoon! Did you guys forget to invite me?


Nancy said...

Happy anniversary! Oh, and my word verification right now is ... wait for it...


Kinda cool, no?

Gregory K. said...

I've enjoyed every bit of it, except that one post back in April. But let's not talk about that again.

Looking forward to year two!