Monday, December 25, 2006

Away in a Mailbox

(This is a repost of the conclusion of a 13-part series that jumpstarted our blog one year ago.)

(inspired by The Twelve Days of Christmas)

In my twelfth form rejection, the letter said to me:
Dear Author/Illustrator,
regarding (CAPS & BOLDFACE TITLE),
thanks for your submission,
we're so glad you thought of our house,
we're proud of ev'ry book we publish,
see Writer's Market for our guidelines,
due to the number of submissions,
we can't give personal suggestions,
though we strive for quick responses,
after careful consideration,
good luck in the future,
but this story doesn't fit our current needs.

So I cried for just a minute, and then
(surging with ambition)
tucked a self-addressed-stamped-envelope
into my next submission.

from your
Disco Mermaids


Elaine Magliaro said...

Happy Holidays to all the Disco Mermaids!
May no rejections find their way to your mailbox in the upcoming year.

Scott Cook said...

Merry Christmas Mermaids. Have a rockin' 2007!